Cold Spring Harbor Divorce Attorney

Long Island and New Jersey have slightly lower divorce rates, mostly attributed to the financial stability of the region, however divorce still happens. In Northeastern areas like Cold Spring Harbor,  there are less pressure to get hitched which allows people to hold off on marriage until they are emotionally and financially prepared. The divorces that do happen among the financially stable are usually more intense disputes over assets, property, and child custody rather than pet custody disputes. The higher stakes require a greater caliber of legal representation or mediation and coming unprepared is putting your welfare and livelihood at stake.

Ask any person who has went through a divorce why everything fell through and they will likely tell you “We were young”. Though this does seem somewhat paradoxical to withhold yourself from relationships in the prime of your life, waiting until your options are less attractive and curbing impulses is something a good number of people will refrain from doing. The statistics are never practical and assuming that you will never divorce simply because the statistics said your area is among the lowest in the nation is both a faux pas and a platitude. Expecting nothing will ever happen to you because it has not happened already is assuming that your life will pan out exactly the way you think it will all the time. In fact it is pretty likely, that if you actively think about your life there has been a few occurrences that were completely out of your power.

If you want to prepare for the worst hire the best!  Simonetti and Associates has been consistently voted the best divorce attorneys on Long Island and offering their services conveniently near Cold Spring Harbor. With an extensively trained and experienced staff of attorneys and over 28 years of operation Simonetti and Associates offers the best legal representation on Long Island.


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