New York Paternity Laws – Divorce Lawyer in Hicksville

New York Paternity Laws

What is Paternity?

Paternity refers to the legal fatherhood of a child. When parents to a child are married, the father gains automatic paternity rights. However, when parents are unmarried at the time of birth, the father does not have legal rights to his child. To establish paternity, you should contact a divorce lawyer in Hicksville for professional assistance.

A divorce lawyer in Hicksville will help you establish paternity. If both you and the mother are the biological parental figures but unmarried, you can sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, which will name the father as a legal parent. If the mother refuses to sign this acknowledgment paperwork, the father can file a petition to a family court to establish paternity. The paternity establishment will then be heavily based on DNA samples.

Once paternity is established, a father then has legal rights to his child and must fulfill specific responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the child until he or she is 21 years old.
  • The right to decide for the child which weighs equal to the opinion of the mother unless a court rules otherwise.
  • The right to visitation time and shared custody unless a court rules otherwise.

Benefits of Paternity Establishment

There are many benefits of paternity establishment for the father, mother, and the child. The father receives legal right to his child, his name on the child’s birth certificate, the right to seek visitation and custody, and the right to block foster or adoption of the child. The mother also gains benefits including information on the father’s medical history, and shared parental responsibilities including finances. Lastly, the child gets perks as well, such as emotional and financial support from both their father and mother and receiving knowledge about their family medical history.

Hire a Lawyer Today

When dealing with legal matters, it is beneficial to have a professional on your side. A divorce lawyer in Hicksville has the knowledge and experience needed to assist you in obtaining parental rights to your child. Contact Simonetti & Associates for a free consultation. Don’t suffer any longer by not being a parental legal figure to your child. An attorney can support you in gaining equal custody rights so you can be legally responsible for your child.