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When it comes to family law, it isn’t common knowledge to appeal a decision when you haven’t been given a fair and just decision. Knowing your rights is extremely important, and knowing when to appeal can save you from an inconvenience you don’t deserve. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of; know when and how to appeal. Appealing a family law decision is essential, and not all decisions are subject to appeal. However, in some cases, your lawyer can help justify your case in the eyes of the law. Looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Westbury? Simonetti & Associates has your back; contact us today for your desired outcome!

When to Appeal a Family Law DecisionDivorce Lawyer in Westbury

Not all family decisions are subject to appeal. However, there are a couple of cases where an appeal may be sought. Simonetti & Associates can help you as your Divorce Lawyer in Westbury. Rulings that constitute an appeal include:

  • A mistake in the proceeding of a case. If the processing of a case occurs, then an appeal is justified. Such as a decision made by a judge contradicts a previous decision or does not consider the case’s background.
  • An error of judgment. When a judge reaches a decision that is not backed by the evidence of the case, there is room for an appeal. A decision that could not have been reached based on the provided evidence constitutes an appeal.

Start your Appeal Today with your Divorce Lawyer in Westbury

When working with Simonetti & Associates as your Divorce Lawyer in Westbury, it is crucial to note the guidelines for an appeal process. Our lawyers can help you with the entire process, but here are some important topics to remember. First off, there is always a specific timeline to file for an appeal. In New York, that timeline is within 30 days of the receipt of the decision. Also, when filing for an appeal, it is important to include any transcripts and a written explanation of the decision. Lastly, the court will either confirm the previous decision or provide for another hearing, so always be prepared and contact your Divorce Lawyer in Westbury with Simonetti & Associates! Visit our website to learn more and start discussing your appeal today!

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