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Contact our Suffolk County Prenup Lawyer at Simonetti & Associates if you are considering signing a prenuptial agreement before your marriage. We can answer any questions you may have about prenups, and we can help guide you through the agreement process.


What is a Prenuptial Agreement? 

Prenuptial agreements set up rules and financial expectations for married couples before they take the leap into marriage. There is some debate as to whether or not prenuptial agreements can be applied retroactively, but typically they offer the most benefits to those who sign them prior to getting married. 

Prenuptial agreements can include anything from financial expectations (i.e., who will keep what money in the event of a divorce) to other expectations like who gets the dogs should the marriage end or how many kids should be expected.

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Why Do People Use Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial agreements can be used for anything that is important to both parties, and while it may seem like something not worth thinking about, it is essential to consider the consequences of getting married. Divorce is expensive, whether it’s emotionally or financially. Signing a prenuptial agreement can help minimize the financial effects of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are helpful for those about to get married because they set out rules and expectations before you enter into marriage. It is important to consider and think about all the different aspects of what you want for your marriage before getting there because once the knot is tied, it can be difficult to untie.


How Can A Lawyer Help?

While they are typically pretty plain, prenuptial agreements can come with a lot of legal jargon. A family lawyer can be very helpful when putting together even the most straightforward prenuptial agreement, and they will ensure that everything is in order so that if anything happens, it won’t create problems for you down the road. Having a lawyer to help you draft a prenuptial agreement can not only make sure that everything goes as planned, but it can also give you peace of mind.


Contact Our Suffolk County Prenup Lawyer

A family lawyer will help ensure that everything is in order and protect the interest of both parties. They are familiar with all aspects of marriage, from its legality to what happens when a divorce occurs. If you want help, contact our Suffolk County Prenup Lawyer at Simonetti & Associates. Our experienced team is here to help you.

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