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Child support is the periodical payment from one parent to the child’s primary caregiver. These payments are determined and arranged for the financial benefit of the child. Many reasons cause one parent to be obligated to pay child support. Some reasons include but are not limited to one parent being determined to be the non-custodial parent or even one parent not being able to contribute equally to the child’s life. Does this sound like a situation you are in and looking to terminate? If you’re looking for a child support attorney in Suffolk County, NY, call to get a consolation. 

What Are The Reasons to Terminate?Child Support Attorney in Suffolk County, NY

Some reasons that child support payments may be terminated include

  • Once the child turns the age of 21 
  • If the child gets married or cohabitates with someone of the opposite gender
  • If the child is permanently residing away from the custodial parent
  • If the child or obtained passes away
  • Once the child turns the age of 18 and joins the army or obtains full-time employment
  • If the non-custodial parent has been denied visitation rights
  • If the determined non-custodial parent can prove that they are equally contributing to the life of the child

How to Terminate Child Support

In the same way, that child support is determined, the parents must go in front of a court to have their child support payments adjusted or fully terminated. The determined non-custodial parent is allowed to explain their reason as to why they should no longer be obligated to pay child support. 

Depending on litigations and evidence presentations, terminating child support can be a long process. A child support attorney can help you build your case and present the facts to the judge. If you need an attorney’s help, contact the experts at Simonetti & Associates. We are happy to assist.

Child Support Attorney in Suffolk County, NY

If you or a loved one are going through a similar situation where you are trying to terminate child support, contact the best child support attorney in Suffolk County, NY, Simonetti & Associates. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you with any of your child support and divorce needs!

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