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One of the most challenging matters after a divorce is dealing with child custody. It is possible to alter the child custody or visitation order put in place; however, there is a process you have to go through. The process varies by state law, but our divorce lawyer in North Sea can clarify the rules for your specific situation. Simonetti & Associates can guide you through child custody matters and help you file a petition for visitation time modifications.

Can Child Visitation Times Be Changed?

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Either parent of the child can petition a New York court to modify child visitation. However, it is required to show a substantial change in circumstances. If both parents agree on the modification before requesting the court, it can save time. However, if you and your ex-spouse cannot come to an agreement, our divorce lawyer in North Sea can join your side.

Reasons To Modify Visitation Time

Family courts only alter child custody agreements or visitation orders when there is a valid reason and the modification is in the child’s best interest. Common reasons a divorced parent may put in a child custody modification request include:

  • Change in the circumstances: Children’s schedules change as they get older due to school, sports, etc. Therefore, a child custody order that might have worked before may not work now because the child’s schedule is altered.
  • Emergency: A divorced parent may request a modified visitation time due to an emergency. This can include physical, emotional, or mental health crises that prevent the child from being with the parent.
  • Relocation: A preexisting order that defines visitation may become unworkable if either parent moves out of state. In that case, the family court may modify the custody order to accommodate the family’s changed circumstances.

Contact Our Divorce lawyer in North Sea

While you can petition for a visitation time modification on your own, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer in North Sea can help you immensely. The outcome of a child custody request can seriously impact you and your child’s lives. Simonetti & Associates can be on your side and fight for your custody rights. Contact our firm today for an initial consultation!

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