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Lou SimonettiLouis F. Simonetti, Jr. is the driving force and founder of Simonetti & Associates. With over 30 years of legal experience being a Divorce Lawyer in Springs, he draws from his corporate and business background to continue to develop the family law practice he started in 1990.



Louis F. Simonetti, Jr. is the driving force and founder of Simonetti & Associates. With over 30 years of legal experience, he draws from his corporate and business background to continue to develop the family law practice he started in 1990. He has considerable experience analyzing various types of business ventures and financial situations, which allows him to maximize property divisions and settlements on behalf of his clients in divorce proceedings.

In addition to being an avid sports fan, Mr. Simonetti dedicates himself to giving back to the community. He has served as general counsel to various youth organizations and religious organizations, providing legal services for their members. He is a lifelong resident of Long Island and the father of four children and has been married for over 30 years.

Divorce Lawyer in Springs


  • – J.D., St. John’s University School of Law, 1987
  • – Member, St. John’s University Law Review, 1986 –1987
  • – Recipient of St. Thomas More Guild Scholarship
  • – B.S.E., magna cum laude, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1984
  • – Established the Wharton Investment Banking Society

Bar admissions

  • – New York, 1988
  • – U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, 1989
  • – U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, 1989

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    How to Divide Marital Assets


    In a marriage, some things like ‘who owns what’ may be trivial and overlooked. However, in the unfortunate event of divorce, details such as this become very important. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs at Simonetti & Associates is here to help you through every step of the way through your divorce. 

    Separate Vs. Community Property


    Before claiming what is yours and what is not, it is important to be aware of how the legal system may categorize your assets. This is done by deciding what is separate property and community property. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs is well versed in this area and can help you today.


    Simply put, separate property is what you and your spouse own individually. Things that were never shared, may have been owned before marriage, or things that were inherited or received as a gift during marriage. 


    Community property, also known as marital property, is property that was earned, obtained, or acquired during the marriage. This includes items such as income, retirement earnings, physical property, or items put into a joint account. 

    cash based divorce springs ny

    What are Marital Assets?


    When going through a divorce, it is important to know what marital assets are before deciding who gets what. Marital assets refer to property that is acquired throughout the marriage. A few examples of these assets include but are not limited to the following: 

    • House 
    • Cash 
    • Stocks 
    • Bonds 
    • Cars 
    • Pensions 
    • Insurance 

    Keep in Mind


    Here is some advice to take into consideration from our Divorce Lawyer in Springs at Simonetti & Associates that can help to keep the process smooth and pain-free: 

    • Keep it civil 
    • Keep things in perspective 
    • Be fair, open, and honest with your partner as well as your attorney.


    It is also a good idea to try to divide your joint items beforehand. Some steps that may help you get started are the following: 

    • List your belongings 
    • Value the property 
    • Decide on the logical owner 


    Be aware that your attorney is there to help you. If you come to a fair agreement, the attorney will normally approve, thus making it easier on you both. 

    Simonetti & Associates – Divorce Lawyer in Springs


    Simonetti & Associates, a Divorce Lawyer in Springs, has trustworthy attorneys with plenty of experience and flexible hours to help you through this difficult time as well as make it easier for you. You can click here for a free consultation, or here to contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

    What is Grey Divorce?

    How Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs Can Help


    The overall rate of divorce has been dropping in recent years, but a new trend has risen. The number of couples who divorce after age 50 has gone up dramatically. This is what is known as a gray divorce. There are many reasons why a couple who has been together for 20 or more years may want to get a divorce, and there can be higher financial and emotional consequences in this kind of divorce. That’s why our Divorce Lawyer in Springs is here to help you through it. 

    Why Are Older Couples Divorcing?

    springs ny


    Many things may lead these older couples to divorce, such as:

    • Financials
    • Infidelity
    • Addiction
    • Autonomy for the woman
    • Empty Nest Syndrome
    • Retirement
    • Living longer than previous generations
    • Growing Apart

    The Financial Impact of Gray Divorce


    Studies have shown that when a couple divorces after age 50, their respective wealth drops by 50%. The financial implications are especially hard on women, showing that a woman who divorces after 50 has her standard of living drop by 45%, double that of younger divorced women. Older men can see their standard of living drop by around 20%.  Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs is well-versed in this area. 


    In a gray divorce, there can be larger assets involved and a larger number of assets to divide. This increases the likelihood of hard feelings building between the couple. Divorce can sometimes impact social security benefits as well. To lessen the financial burden of a divorce later in life, it is important to understand how the split will affect your finances and take the appropriate steps. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs can help you navigate through these steps while protecting your finances. 

    The Emotional Impact of Gray Divorce


    Depending on the reason for divorce, one or both spouses can feel betrayed, angry, insecure, or depressed. Divorce in later stages of life can be especially painful in some circumstances, so it is important to find healthy coping mechanisms. Seeing a therapist can help immensely in navigating the emotional distress brought on by gray divorce.  

    Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Simonetti & Associates is equipped to handle your divorce with care at any stage in your life. We strive to provide high-quality legal representation while keeping costs to a minimum. Contact us today to get your questions answered about divorcing later in life. 

    What Does It Mean To Terminate Parental Rights?

    Divorce Lawyer Springs NYWhen you and your partner have decided it is time to get a divorce, and children are involved, you should seek out quality representation right away. At Simonetti & Associates, we’ve been helping clients reach optimal outcomes in their divorce cases for many years. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs knows exactly what needs to go into securing custody rights as a parent. We can also help to have these rights terminated should your ex-spouse prove to be unfit to care for your child.

    What Are Parental Rights?

    In cases of divorce where children are involved, the judge will decide upon how custody is determined. Each case is different, meaning no one outcome is like the next. Judges will make their decisions based on the best interests of the child and can award parents with either sole or joint custody. If you are awarded sole custody, it means you have total rights to the child. In instances like this, our ex-spouse may be granted visitation rights so they can still have a relationship with the child. In joint custody, both parents have rights to their children. For example, your child may live with you during the week, and with your ex-spouse on the weekends. You can trust that our Divorce Lawyer in Springs will do everything in their power to help you achieve the optimal outcome.

    Can Parental Rights Be Terminated?

    As a parent, you have a legal responsibility to provide your child with care and a healthy environment for growth. Just because someone was awarded parent rights at the time of the divorce, it doesn’t mean they can’t be terminated. If you believe your child is unsafe with your ex-spouse, our Divorce Lawyer in Springs can work with the court to have their parental rights terminated. Circumstances that can lead to this taking place include:

    • Severe or chronic abuse/neglect
    • Abandonment
    • Sexual abuse
    • Substance abuse issues
    • Failure to support or maintain contact with the child  

    Best Interest Of The Child

    As previously stated, all decisions regarding the custody of a child will be based on what the court believes to be their best interest. At Simonetti & Associates, we know how grueling of a process this can be for parents going through a divorce. That is why we pledge to make this process as easy as possible. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs will gather all pertinent evidence and create a case that when presented to the judge, results in your child’s care being secured.

    Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Divorce on its own can be brutal to deal with. Adding children into the mix can push this to new levels of extreme. We want nothing more than to keep your child protected. If you believe parental rights need to be terminated, don’t hesitate to contact our Divorce Lawyer in Springs today.

    Financial Fraud and Divorce

    Although you may trust your significant other when you decide to combine finances, a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Forbes found that nearly one-third of people who have combined finances have been deceptive towards their spouse regarding money. Additionally, disputes over finances are a common reason why married couples split up. A recent survey found that money is the second-most common reason couples divorce, behind only infidelity. If you are seeking a Divorce Lawyer in Springs, you’ll want the best team in your corner. Simonetti & Associates, voted Long Island’s best divorce lawyers, are well-equipped to handle any divorce or family law dispute.

    Common Financial Fraud Committed During a Divorce

    There are several types of fraud that are often committing during a divorce. One such method of fraud is known as concealment. Concealment entails hiding or undervaluing assets that can lead to a disproportionate share of value going to one spouse. Concealment is so prevalent that it has been referred to as “the cornerstone of fraud”. Another type of fraud that is exclusive to divorce situations is called dissipation. This occurs when one spouse wastes money or assets without the consent or knowledge of the other. This often takes the form of heavy spending on gambling or luxuries. 

    Reasons Someone Would Commit Fraud

    There are typically three elements present that drive people without criminal histories to commit white-collar crimes like fraud. The first of these elements is a perceived opportunity or the idea that they can reap the rewards of fraud without being caught. Another reason is pressure, whether that be social or financial. Someone may feel pressured by their peers to come out of the settlement on top, or they may think an equitable settlement will leave them in desperate straits financially. The final element creating the environment for financial fraud is rationalization. This means that the perpetrator convinces themselves that they are still an honest or good person despite committing a crime rooted in deception.

    Seeking a Divorce Lawyer in Springs?

    If you are seeking a Divorce Lawyer in Springs, Simonetti & Associates are prepared to take on your case without fear or apprehension. Our gifted team of attorneys will put forth their best effort to ensure that you are protected from fraud and have as smooth of a divorce as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

    Who Gets The House In A Divorce?

    Going through a divorce is never an easy process. In addition to the emotional tolls, divorce brings financial disputes with it as well. If you accrued property during your marriage, you might be wondering what happens to it once the divorce is finalized. At Simonetti & Associates, we have the answer to this question. Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs will walk you through what to expect, and work diligently to ensure that a favorable outcome is reached.

    What Happens To Your Property?

    One of the legal aspects of marriage is having joint ownership of almost all of the assets purchased over time. Besides particular circumstances, if you buy a house during your marriage, the court will need to determine who has full ownership of it following your divorce. That means either you or your spouse may have no claim to it following the judge’s ruling. To ensure you are adequately compensated, we recommend working with our Divorce Lawyer in Springs throughout this process.

    How Is Ownership Determined? 

    When your divorce has officially been granted, the judge is tasked with dividing all marital property between you and your ex-spouse. Keep in mind that this division does not have to be equal to both parties. There are a variety of factors that will impact whether you are granted ownership of the house following your divorce. These factors include:

    • Custody decisions
    • The income of both spouses
    • Debts accrued throughout the marriage
    • Potential living situations following the dispersion of assets
    • Working and commuting conditions

    Why Work With Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs?

    Losing out on your house following a divorce can be a devastating realization. However, with the proper representation, the chances of that happening can be limited. Our divorce attorney is well versed in these cases and can help keep your assets protected. With years of experience, you can trust that our team will do everything to sway the court into a favorable ruling.

    Schedule A Consultation With Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    The decision to go through with a divorce is rarely a simple one. However, having the right representation on your side can make the process a bit easier. Here at Simonetti & Associates, we want to prove that our family law services are second to none. If you’re considering a divorce, be sure to contact our team today and set up your free consultation with our Divorce Lawyer in Springs.     

    Request A Free Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Not a fan of filling out forms? We understand, call us at 1-877-385-2560 and we can set up your consultation over the phone.

    What Are Orders Of Protection?

    An order of protection which is commonly known as a restraining order, is a court order that states to one person what they cannot do to another person or what contact is allowed. Contact our team at Simonetti and Associates our Divorce lawyer in Springs will help you through this process.


    More information about Order of ProtectionDivorce lawyer in Springs

    A restraining order orders a person to stay away from another person. A restraining order is issued by a criminal or family court. A person requesting a restraining order can go to both courts. In a criminal court, if you were threatened or harmed by someone else. You can call the police or go to the police station. 

    In the court case, in addition to being properly charged, the judge may issue a restraining order. In this case, you do not need an attorney. You only appear as a witness. In family court, you have to have some form of family relationship with the person, be it marriage, blood relative, or you had kids with the person. Then you can file an offense petition in family court. When you make your allegation, you have to prove that the person committed the crime you are accusing them of. 

    During the court hearing, the court can issue a temporary restraining order even without proof or an official verdict. In a family court, you still have the right to an attorney, and if you don’t have one will be provided to you. As mentioned before, the court can issue a temporary restraining order while the case is in progress. But the order has an expiration date but can be renewed for the duration of the case. At the end of the case, the court can issue a permanent one-year or five restraining order.


    Can an order of protection be changed?

    A family court can not change the order of a criminal court. The court can allow visitation rights if there are children involved. Before the order expires, it can be extended for longer if there is a good reason. 


    How Our Divorce lawyer in Springs can help

    Simonetti and Associates have years of experience with an order of protection. Besides restraining orders, the Divorce lawyer in Springs is also well versed in divorces, child custody, along other legal procedures. To learn more and to contact us visit our website.

    A divorce is always a difficult time for the two families, especially for any children directly involved. The sons and daughters of divorced parents are always a tricky and sensitive subject when it comes to the law, though when it comes to New York State law, the process of child support goes through a particular set of events.  At Simonetti & Associates, divorce lawyer in Springs are deeply experienced in child support laws and committed to providing the most reasonable and beneficial plan for your little loved ones. Let us help you gain a firm understanding of it all and explain the general laws and requirements of child support in the state of New York.


    What Exactly Is Child Support in Law

    Child support is much more than the decision of who has custody of the child, as it primarily deals with the financial help one parent lends to the other to ensure the child is taken care of. However, aside from the basic necessities such as food and shelter, other factors come into play, such as:

    • HealthcareChild support attorney Suffolk County NY
    • Education
    • Childcare
    • Extracurricular Activities

    Any and all applications you can think of to these categories apply. If the child takes part in summer camp or has a nanny, it falls under childcare. If the child is going into college or needs tutoring, tuition payments fall under education. Any and all extracurricular activities the child is involved in In spite of the parent’s separation, the child is still supported by them, up until the age of 21.


    How Is It Determined Who Pays Who in Court?

    Generally, the decisions of who pays to who and who gets custody are determined outside of a courtroom; however, if you and your spouse are consistently in disagreement over the details and plans keep failing to come to fruition, the parents must come to court. As is the case with any child support situation, the child’s needs are the number one factor. However, to determine how the child can be supported as optimally as possible, gross income is the other massive factor to consider. Every source of income possible is considered, such as:

    • Dividends
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Unemployment Insurance
    • Social Security 
    • Pensions
    • Employment Salary
    • Spousal Maintenance/Child Support from a prior marriage

    The parent who receives custody, known as the custodial parent, is determined through not just income, but the parent’s capabilities to provide for their child best, the parent’s work life and lifestyle, and how to fit which parent is when it comes to the developmental and emotional needs of the child. Simonetti & Associates, A divorce lawyer in Springs knows this is a sensitive issue for many, and we will stay committed to entrusting the child with the most capable parent.


    Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Simonetti & Associates, divorce lawyer in Springs can help with any child support issues that are deeply affecting you, your spouse, and your child. Contact us today; we are located in Syosset and Water Mill.

    Understanding Fathers’ Rights in Divorce

    For fathers undergoing divorce, being aware of their rights is crucial. It’s a common misconception that fathers have limited rights, especially concerning child custody. However, fathers possess significant rights that should be acknowledged and protected. If you’re a father seeking clarity on your rights during divorce, seeking legal counsel is essential. For those in need of a divorce lawyer in Springs, reaching out to Simonetti & Associates can provide the assistance required.


    Key Facts about Fathers’ Rights

    Suffolk County Family Lawyer

    While fathers’ rights vary by state, certain facts remain consistent nationwide. It’s important to note that advice from a family lawyer in one state may differ from that of a divorce lawyer in Springs due to legal variations. Here are some universal facts about fathers’ rights:

    1. Child Support Dynamics:
      • Fathers with visitation rights often contribute significantly to child support.
      • Most fathers not paying child support face genuine financial constraints.
      • Single fathers typically work longer hours compared to single mothers.
      • Child support is a crucial financial reliance for most single mothers.
    2. Domestic Violence and Assault Statistics:
      • A substantial number of men, approximately 835,000 annually, face assault by their partners.
      • Nearly 370,990 men experience stalking each year.
      • In violent relationships, over 70% of the violence is initiated by women.
    3. Child Support Enforcement:
      • Contrary to common belief, individuals unable to pay child support cannot be imprisoned or fined.

    These facts, often overlooked, highlight the importance of understanding fathers’ rights. If you believe your rights are being violated, seeking immediate legal counsel is imperative. For those in search of a divorce lawyer in Springs, Simonetti & Associates stands ready to provide the necessary assistance.


    Child Support Laws in New York State

    Child support laws vary across states, but in New York, they apply equally to both men and women. Understanding child support obligations is essential for all parents. Here are key aspects of child support laws in New York:

    1. Financial Support:
      • Child support constitutes financial assistance from the non-custodial parent.
      • Payments are calculated based on the parent’s income.
    2. Additional Support Components:
      • Health insurance payments for the child.
      • Financial contributions for childcare, including babysitters or preschool.
      • Payments for healthcare costs not covered by insurance.


    Divorce Lawyer in Springs, NY

    For fathers seeking more information on their rights and responsibilities, seeking legal guidance is essential. If you’re in search of a divorce lawyer in Springs, Simonetti & Associates is ready to offer the assistance needed to navigate these complex matters.

    Empower yourself with knowledge about your rights and obligations. Contact Simonetti & Associates today for expert guidance tailored to your specific situation.

    Navigating Relocation After Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide

    Springs divorce lawyer

    Considering a move after divorce is a significant decision that many individuals contemplate as they seek a fresh start. While this can be a transformative step, especially for those looking to put the past behind them, relocating becomes intricate when children are involved, and both parents do not see eye to eye. For expert guidance on this matter, consulting with our divorce lawyer in Springs at Simonetti & Associates is highly recommended. Explore the essential aspects of post-divorce relocation below.


    Determining When Relocation is Permissible

    Custody arrangements following a divorce often function smoothly, particularly when both parents reside in close proximity. However, challenges arise when the custodial parent contemplates moving to a different location. Courts may permit such a move if it is deemed reasonably necessary and serves the child’s best interests. The custodial parent must substantiate these requirements with compelling evidence. Factors considered by the court in these scenarios include:

    1. Reason for the Move: Understanding the motivation behind the relocation.
    2. Impact on Parent-Child Relationship: Evaluating how the move might affect the relationship between the noncustodial parent and the child.
    3. Distance Between Old and New Homes: Assessing the geographical distance of the move.
    4. Improvement of Living Situation: Examining whether the relocation enhances the child’s overall living conditions.
    5. Child’s Preference: Considering the child’s expressed preference, depending on their age and maturity.


    The Role of Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Engaging in legal battles over relocation can be emotionally taxing and financially burdensome. Our proficient divorce lawyer in Springs possesses the expertise to navigate this complex terrain. We are adept at presenting relevant evidence to support your position, whether you are advocating for or against relocation. Our approach involves facilitating negotiation and mediation between you and your ex-spouse to reach mutually beneficial solutions. This ensures that the custodial parent can transition to a new phase in their life without unduly depriving the noncustodial parent of meaningful time with their children.


    Seek Guidance from Simonetti & Associates

    Relocating with children post-divorce involves intricate custody matters that demand careful consideration. Whether an amicable agreement is reached or intricate details need resolution, having a seasoned divorce lawyer by your side is essential. At Simonetti & Associates, our team has extensive experience assisting Long Islanders in navigating custody matters. If you are contemplating a move with your children, our firm can guide you through the process and court dealings. Schedule a consultation today to benefit from our advocacy and achieve the outcomes you desire.

    Exploring the Role and Duties of a Divorce Lawyer


    Embarking on the journey of divorce is a challenging process that necessitates both emotional and legal support. Beyond the emotional strain, navigating the intricacies of legal proceedings and financial ramifications can prove daunting for individuals without a background in law. In such instances, seeking assistance from a seasoned legal professional becomes crucial. Here at Simonetti & Associates, we advocate for collaboration with our proficient divorce lawyer in Springs. Let’s delve into the educational breakdown of their responsibilities to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of their services.


    Drafting a Settlement Agreement

    A primary objective of our divorce lawyer in Springs is to facilitate the creation of a settlement agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Resolving matters outside the courtroom is not only a time-saving approach but also a cost-effective one. While achieving an out-of-court settlement may not always be feasible, our team commits to utilizing every available resource to pursue this resolution.


    Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Asset Management and Distribution

    The equitable distribution of assets stands as a pivotal aspect of the divorce process. In cases where mutual agreement is elusive, the responsibility falls on the court to make decisions. Having a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape is vital. Our divorce lawyer in Springs will meticulously compile a list of assets, including income, savings, property, debts, bonds, trusts, and retirement funds, ensuring accurate valuation to navigate this critical phase.


    Additional Responsibilities

    The role of a divorce lawyer extends beyond settlement and asset distribution. Our dedicated team is committed to handling a spectrum of responsibilities, including:

    • Custody Disputes: Resolving and settling disputes related to child custody with sensitivity and legal acumen.
    • Spousal Support or Alimony: Determining fair and just spousal support arrangements based on the unique circumstances of each case.
    • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Assisting in the creation and review of agreements that define financial and property matters before or during marriage.
    • Contesting Rulings: Advocating on your behalf to contest any rulings that may not align with your best interests.

    Legal Assistance With Our Divorce Lawyer in Springs

    Understanding the multifaceted responsibilities of a divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of seeking professional legal assistance. At Simonetti & Associates, our team is dedicated to accommodating client needs and providing reliable support throughout the divorce process. To gain more insights or schedule a consultation, we encourage you to reach out to our team today.

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