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divorce lawyer in Valley Stream Social Media and Divorce

Social media can act as a very useful tool for many, allowing us to connect with others and receive valuable information.  However, the effect that social media use has on romantic relationships can be negative.  We live in a digital age where we rely on our cell phones and computers for nearly everything.  

We can sometimes lose priority in what is really most important in life.  Both partners can get so caught up in their devices to the point where it is causing extreme problems within the relationship.  If you seek a divorce lawyer in Valley Stream, contact Simonetti & Associates for more information.

Social Media: How is it Affecting Your Relationships?

Research has shown how increased social media use has lead to various marriage issues, infidelity, and eventually divorce.  There are some specific reasons how social media use can result in marital issues, they include:

“Get off of Facebook, you are on all day”

  • It is not always just what the person is doing on their social media accounts, but how much time they are spending online, and away from their spouse.  Too much time spent on social media has been shown to negatively affect relationships.

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    Jealousy, Snooping, and Suspicious Behavior

    • Social media provides easy access for people to sneak on their spouse.  Whether they have suspicions of cheating, discovering secrets of their past, or just blatant mistrust of their partner, the online atmosphere no doubt causes issues.  This will lead to increased jealousy and monitoring within the marriage, which is a recipe for an unhealthy relationship.

    Social Media and Cheating

    • There are unfortunately often times when a person will seek out suspicions of their partner online and find that they are being untrustworthy.  1 in 10 adults admit to hiding messages from their partner, and 8% of adults have admitted to having secret online accounts.
    • With today’s technology, it has become easy and accessible for adults who are dissatisfied with their relationship to seek out new partners, or an ex online.  Apps such as Tinder make it easy to meet new people, and it has been shown that 30% of users are married.

    Divorce Lawyer in Valley Stream

    On a brighter note, many people are finding their loved ones through online dating sites and social media and research show that those people have happy and long-lasting marriages.  Adults today are recognizing the threat of social media within their relationships, and are doing their best to combat online pressures and temptations.

    Nonetheless, social media will forever be a prevalent force in our society, and we must learn how to use this tool in a positive manner, especially in regards to our relationships. If you seek a divorce lawyer in Valley Stream, contact Simonetti & Associates today to get the help you need.  

    Navigating Divorce in New York: Essential Information

    Embarking on the journey of divorce involves navigating through a complex web of legalities, and being well-informed is crucial before taking any steps. Understanding the specific laws governing divorce in New York State is imperative for a smooth and legally sound separation. If you’re considering filing for divorce and need guidance, the services of a divorce lawyer in Valley Stream, such as Simonetti & Associates, can be invaluable.

    Legal Grounds for Divorce in New York State:valley stream divorce lawyer

    In New York State, individuals seeking a divorce must establish legal grounds to proceed. Some key grounds include:

    1. Irretrievable Breakdown (No-Fault):
      • Marriage has been irretrievably broken for more than six months.
      • This no-fault ground acknowledges the breakdown without attributing blame. However, finalizing the divorce requires resolution of all related issues.
    2. Cruel and Inhuman Treatment:
      • Alleges intolerable behavior, such as emotional or physical abuse, possibly linked to substance abuse.
    3. Abandonment:
      • Grounds for divorce if a spouse has been separated or moved out for over a year.
    4. Imprisonment:
      • Divorce may be claimed if a spouse has been incarcerated for three years or longer.
    5. Adultery:
      • Grounds for divorce, except in specific situations like encouraging adultery, reconciling after discovery, or committing adultery oneself. Requires evidence beyond testimony.
    6. Living Under a Separation Agreement:
      • Grounds for a conversion divorce if spouses have lived apart for over a year, following a legal separation.

    Role of a Divorce Lawyer in Valley Stream:

    Navigating these legal grounds is essential for a successful divorce process. While divorce is inherently challenging, having an experienced divorce lawyer in Valley Stream can provide valuable support and clarity. Simonetti & Associates is committed to guiding individuals through the complexities of divorce, ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

    If you are contemplating a divorce in the state of New York, reaching out to a seasoned divorce lawyer is a crucial step. Simonetti & Associates can offer the assistance and expertise needed to navigate the legal landscape, providing you with the support required during this challenging time. Contact us today for guidance on your divorce journey in the state of New York.

    Navigating Divorce in New York: Essential Information

    In New York, the process of filing for divorce involves meeting specific residency requirements. Notably, these requirements apply equally to same-sex couples as they do to heterosexual couples. To file for divorce, consider the following key aspects:

    1. Residency Requirements: To file for divorce in New York, at least one of the following conditions must be met:

    • The marriage occurred in New York, and one spouse has been a resident for a continuous one-year period before filing.
    • The couple lived in New York as spouses, and either party resided in the state for a continuous one-year period before filing.
    • Either party has been a New York resident for a continuous two-year period before filing.

    2. No-Fault Divorce: New York operates as a no-fault state, meaning divorce can be pursued without proving specific actions by the spouse. Grounds for divorce in a no-fault case include an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for at least six months, indicating a beyond-repair state.

    3. Legal Representation: While not obligatory, engaging a divorce lawyer can streamline the process, save time, and reduce frustration. Quality legal representation ensures a smoother transition during this challenging period.

    4. Financial Support During Divorce: If financial strain arises due to one spouse being the primary breadwinner, the court can order temporary child support or spousal maintenance. These measures provide essential financial support until the final judgment, which may include post-divorce spousal support.

    5. Custody Determination: Child custody decisions involve assessing factors such as the parent-child relationship, primary caregiver status, willingness to encourage visitation, and the physical and mental capacity of each parent to care for the child. Past instances of domestic violence or neglect can impact custody decisions.

    6. Parental Alienation Concerns: In cases where one parent attempts to withhold children and influences them negatively, leading to parental alienation, legal intervention is crucial. Seeking temporary custody or visitation orders can protect parental rights and prevent deterioration of the parent-child relationship.

    7. Divorce Relief Options: Individuals have the right to request various forms of relief during divorce proceedings. This includes child custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of property, and orders of protection.

    8. Modification of Divorce Agreements: Circumstances change, and if they do substantially, individuals can request modifications to divorce settlement agreements or decrees. A knowledgeable family law attorney can guide and assist in obtaining necessary modifications.

    Understanding these aspects of the divorce process in New York is essential for individuals seeking clarity and navigating the legal complexities associated with the dissolution of marriage.

    Best Ways to Reduce Divorce Cost

    Navigating the complexities of divorce can be both financially burdensome and emotionally challenging. However, there are proven strategies to minimize costs and empower individuals during this process. If you’re seeking a reliable divorce lawyer in Valley Stream committed to delivering quality service, consider reaching out to Simonetti & Associates. With over three decades of experience in assisting the Long Island community, we strive to address all your needs during this difficult time.

    Here are educational insights and techniques to help you make informed decisions and reduce divorce costs:

    1. Negotiation Skills: Engage in open negotiations with your ex-spouse and their legal representation to avoid unnecessary fees associated with court proceedings. Although the initial atmosphere may be tense, taking a practical perspective can lead to mutually beneficial agreements. Direct negotiations can significantly limit the additional costs of involving lawyers and judges in the division of assets.
    2. Prioritization: Understand your priorities and determine if hiring two individual lawyers or opting for a collaborative lawyer is more suitable. A collaborative approach can help reduce costs by having a single legal professional work with both parties, fostering cooperation and efficiency.
    3. Legal Knowledge: Equip yourself with a comprehensive understanding of your state’s divorce laws. This preparation allows you to come to legal consultations with essential documents, minimizing the lawyer’s research time. Publicly available information and resources like social security services can enhance your knowledge base and reduce legal expenses.
    4. Indigency Criteria: Explore whether you meet specific criteria for indigency, exempting you from legal fees associated with hiring an attorney. This criteria varies by state and county, emphasizing the importance of documenting your income level and researching eligibility.
    5. Accurate Paperwork Filing: Ensure all required paperwork is filed correctly from the outset to avoid additional administrative fees. Consulting with an attorney beforehand can help review and finalize paperwork, preventing unforeseen issues in the future.

    Divorce Lawyer in Valley Stream – Additional Information:

    Going through a divorce in Valley Stream is emotionally challenging for both parties. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney, such as those at Simonetti & Associates, can alleviate this burden and expedite the process.

    Your attorney plays a crucial role in:

    • Asset Discovery: Uncovering any hidden assets your spouse may be withholding through legal processes like discovery.
    • Negotiations: Handling negotiations with your spouse’s attorney to minimize emotional conflicts and promote healing.
    • Settlement Evaluation: Evaluating proposed settlements to ensure they align with your best interests, providing guidance on what you deserve.
    • Comprehensive Legal Support: Addressing child custody issues and navigating other legal complexities that may arise during the divorce process.

    Valley Stream Divorce Lawyer

    Making informed decisions and seeking professional legal assistance can significantly impact the efficiency and financial aspects of divorce. For those in the Valley Stream area, Simonetti & Associates stands ready to provide the support needed during this challenging time.

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