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Divorce is, unfortunately, something many people go through. Divorce can be settled in many different ways. Oftentimes, couples tend to take the legal ending of their relationship to the court. However, there are alternatives to taking your divorce to court. These alternatives are mediation and litigation. Simonetti & Associates’ divorce lawyer in Northwest Harbor can help you decide which legal way of ending your marriage is best suited for you. 

Continue reading below for more information on the differences between mediation and litigation and how to determine which is best for you.


Divorce litigation

Litigation occurs when both parties cannot agree on how to solve issues like child support, division of property, spousal support, etc. One of the spouses files a court complaint and leaves the resolution of such issues in the court’s hands. Litigation typically requires a court trial where both parties can state their opinions and what they think the outcome for each subject should be. 

Litigation can become expensive due to hiring lawyers, and depending on the outcome of the trial; it can cost one party more money if not divided evenly. It can also take anywhere between a year or longer to fully litigate a divorce. Therefore, litigation is not ideal for most people considering the timeline and costs associated. For legal help concerning litigation, contact our divorce lawyer in Northwest Harbor.

Divorce lawyer in Northwest Harbor


Divorce mediation is an alternative to litigation. It allows spouses to settle their divorce and come to a compromise on issues together without going to trial. Mediation is quicker and much cheaper than litigation. A mediator helps the spouses compromise on issues like child support, spousal support, and property division. They guide these conversations and create a marital settlement agreement. 

Mediation is becoming a popular alternative to settling divorces because of the control it gives to the spouses, it is much cheaper, and it allows the spouses to move at their own pace while coming to an agreement. If you are going through a divorce and thinking about mediation, contact our divorce lawyer in Northwest Harbor for legal advice on how to proceed.


Divorce lawyer in Northwest Harbor

Simonetti & Associates has years of experience providing legal advice to clients going through a divorce. Divorce can be a scary and stressful time. Let our divorce lawyers in Northwest Harbor relieve that stress and help guide you in choosing the legal path right for you. Contact us today for more information!

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