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Alimony payments are financial support from one ex-spouse to another after a marriage has legally ended. Payment structures are made by the court. The court decides how long the payments last based on how long the marriage lasted. Our Suffolk Family lawyer is well versed in Alimony law and can help you if you are struggling with making payments after losing your job.


Can I stop paying my alimony payments if I lose my job?

Unfortunately, if you lose your job, you cannot stop making your alimony payments without modification approval from the court. When you request modification, you know you have to be able to prove that you have experienced some sort of change. To provide this proof to the court, it’s best to work with an experienced attorney. When determining a modification grant, the court will be taking the following into considerationSuffolk Family lawyer

  • Reason for loss of employment
  • What has the individual done in the meantime to find another position or alternative means of income?
  • Is the individual able to physically and mentally obtain and hold a job
  • Has the individual been out of work for at least 90 days before the requisition a alimony modification


How is Alimony enforced 

You must understand that if you stop paying your Alimony without permission from the court, you can face legal consequences. Some consequences include suspension of driver’s licenses, imprisonment, property liens, and wage garnishment. If you are experiencing a loss of income or any other reason to have a modification, please contact us today, Simonetti & Associates, Suffolk family lawyer.


Other alimony modifications include:

  • Paying spouse has a pay cut
  • Paying spouse is suddenly ill
  • Receiving spouse has remarried
  • Receiving spouse can self-support
  • The dependent’s spouses need education


How to protect yourself from paying an unreasonable amount

It’s important to seek an experienced divorce lawyer. Suffolk family lawyer Simonetti & Associates can help you make a full representation of your earnings. We can also help you negotiate with debt or any other assets. You can “trade” assets such as you have a home now, you can negotiate that your ex-spouse can have the home in the agreement of not having to pay Alimony. 


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Simonetti & Associates, Suffolk family lawyer, understands the impact a divorce can have on your life. If you require legal representation in New York, please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys today.

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