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Suffolk County Family EsqMarriage is a bond that in today’s world does not always end successfully. Divorce leads to many legal questions. The former partners are entering into a hostile environment. Trying to navigate this area can be difficult, but the Suffolk County family Esq firm is here to help! One question that the Suffolk county family Esq at Simonetti & Associates can answer: Does my Ex-spouse have access to my Retirement in a divorce?   

Questions like these can be broken down into a few sections. The first step is understanding the details behind what type of benefits your ex-spouse could receive when a divorce occurs. 

Factors that Would Allow Benefits For a Divorced Spouse 

  • If you and your ex-spouse were married for more than ten years 
  • If Your ex-spouse is currently unmarried 
  • If Your ex-spouse is 62 years or older 
  • The amount of benefit your ex-spouse is entitled to receive based on their work is less than the amount of benefit they would receive 
  • If you as an individual are entitled to social security 
  • If you as an individual are entitled to disability benefits

This may seem intimidating to an individual, but that is why having a Suffolk County Family Esq is very important to helping you find the best options in settling your divorce—diving a little bit deeper into the question we set out to answer. Below are more examples and situations where the ex-spouse can collect retirement benefits from an individual. 

Scenarios Where The Ex-Spouse can Collect Retirement 

  • Not applied for Retirement benefits – even though you have not applied for retirement benefits, if you are qualified to receive them, any ex-spouse that you have been divorced from for at least two years can receive benefits on your record. 
  • Ex-Spouse for Retirement benefits – in the case that your ex-spouse is eligible for benefits on their record, the government will pay their due amount first. 
  • Your retirement benefits are higher – if your retirement benefits are higher than your ex-spouses, they will receive the additional amount of benefits on your record till the amounts are equal. 

Suffolk County Family Esq

For any other questions or concerns on this blog post or any divorce concerns you may have, Suffolk County Family Esq is willing to help! Follow the link to our website, and we will be able to provide you with the best divorce service that meets all of your needs. Simonetti & Associates is willing to be there to make this difficult situation a little easier. Contact us now!

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