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You will need to consider several factors during a divorce, making this already difficult situation even more challenging. Our divorce lawyer in Riverhead at Simonetti & Associates has compiled a comprehensive guide of some of the most often asked questions we encounter regarding divorce. Continue reading to get answers to your divorce questions


Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce


Where Do I Get Started With A Divorce?

The first step you should take in the divorce process should always be to contact a divorce lawyer. The divorce process in New York can be very complicated, and there are far too many personal interests involved to make any mistakes. With quality legal counsel on your side, the next step is to determine what type of divorce you wish to pursue. Once you’ve decided, you will need to begin gathering necessary paperwork, filling out forms, and filing them at the appropriate family court. This process is nuanced, so it’s crucial to have the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer in Riverhead. 


What Are Grounds For Divorce?Divorce lawyer in Riverhead

New York is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce proceedings, meaning you can get a divorce without needing to prove that your ex-partner did anything in particular to undermine the marriage. The grounds for divorce in no-fault cases are an irretrievable breakdown of the union for at least six months. 


How Is Child Custody Determined?

When children are involved in an emotional divorce, it can make things even more challenging. A judge will consider several factors when determining who gets custody of the children, including:

  • The strength of each parent’s bond with the children. 
  • The primary caregiver for the children. 
  • Whether each parent is mentally and physically capable of providing care for the child. 
  • Which parent is likely to encourage visitation with the other parent. 

Previous negative actions like domestic violence, abuse, and neglect will also weigh heavily against a parent seeking custody. Custody is a major issue in divorce cases, so having an experienced divorce lawyer in Riverhead on your side can help you yield a more favorable outcome that is within your child’s best interests. 


Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Riverhead

These are just a few of the many questions that arise about divorce. At Simonetti & Associates, our experienced divorce lawyer in Riverhead will handle your case with great care and compassion. Our experienced legal team is available to answer any questions, so you can protect your rights and feel prepared before proceeding. Be sure to contact our team for a consultation to learn more! 

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