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When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of factors to consider that can affect the outcome of your situation. Most people do not want to squander unnecessary money on any aspect of the divorce process that could be avoided. It’s best to work with an experienced and well-versed attorney in all factors and situations that may arise as you carry out your dissolution of marriage. 

An important factor that is commonly asked about is the division of assets during a divorce process. The laws can vary state by state, but the best outcome leaves both parties satisfied that what they receive is fair and equitable to the other. If you need a divorce lawyer in East Quogue, we at Simonetti & Associates are a trusted name. We can offer you the professional service and support needed to get you through your divorce. 


How Are Assets Split in a Divorce?Divorce lawyer in East Quogue

People ask a common question as they consider divorce is how their assets will ultimately be divided amongst each spouse. These laws tend to vary by state, but in New York, we follow an Equitable Distribution system. 

This system is set in place to ensure that each spouse receives an “equitable” amount of the assets jointly accrued by the couple throughout their years of marriage. The couple can decide this beforehand if they can reach an agreement. However, if a couple fails to reach an agreement, a judge will oversee the process and decide based on what they deem equitable. 


Equitable Distribution

A judge in NY will consider many factors as they preside over the distribution of assets in a divorce. The assets under consideration in an equitable distribution are those obtained either jointly by the couple or individually throughout the marriage. The judge will consider each spouse’s income, the property they purchased together, the age and health of each individual, the contributions each spouse made in the marriage and family, children, pensions, and more. These will all be under deliberation and consideration when a judge decides what an equitable distribution will look like. 

If you need a Divorce Lawyer in East Quogue, contact Simonetti & Associates for expert advice and consultation from seasoned professionals. 


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