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No matter the circumstances, divorces are very hard for both parties, including children. It can cause emotional and mental stress, and it is a process that can take up to years to finish. Unfortunately, the emotional distress does not end when the divorce is finalized because it is a big change in one’s life that takes a while to become their normal life.  For parents planning for a divorce, it is important to discuss child custody matters and arrangements when spending time with each parent. Luckily, at Simonetti & Associates, our Nassau County divorce lawyer can help you make this process smoother and deal with child custody as fairly as possible. When children are involved in a divorce, parents should plan accordingly to make this process as smooth as possible to avoid emotional trauma.


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Helping Kids During the Divorce Process

The older kids are, the smarter they are, which means they will begin to notice changes in their lives that can cause them to question things. Both parents should take the time to sit down with their kids to talk about how they are feeling. This assures them their feelings are valid, and they won’t feel a sense of neglect during the divorce process. Normally, kids will take sides or blame parents for the separation, so it’s best to prepare to answer their questions once they notice what is going on. 


Tips For Parents

A divorce is just as hard for parents for kids, and many things are inevitable. Fortunately, there are many things parents can do to protect their children, which include:

  • Keeping arguments for private moments and away from the kids
  • Don’t involve kids in your arguments by using them as messengers
  • Be patient with any bad behavior; kids tend to be emotionally confused 
  • Expect challenges and adjust accordingly when kids meet new “friends.”


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As hard as it may be for partners and children to go through a divorce, it is something that can be done with the help of one of our Nassau County divorce lawyers. Things get emotional and, most times, out of hand, but involving a professional can make this process go smoother. At Simonetti & Associates, our Nassau County divorce lawyer will demonstrate expertise in finalizing your divorce and handling child disputes properly. We are happy to assist you, so please check out our website and email or call us today! 

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