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Divorce is never the outcome that married couples want. However, sometimes it is truly the best option. Divorce might be relatively common, but it is also filled with intricacies an interested person should know and understand thoroughly before proceeding. If you need a divorce lawyer in Riverhead, contact Simonetti & Associates today!

divorce Lawyer In RiverheadWhat Is Divorce?

Divorce is when a legally married couple splits because they do not wish to be together. This normally means arbitrating the assets in court, such as who receives a car, how property is split up, visitation rights for children, etc. The married couple is then literally not together anymore or married. Some religions might not allow this, yet it is still a legal option in most instances.


Divorce vs. Legal Separation

Divorce, as explained above, is the total separation of a married couple. Legal separation is less substantive. If a couple undergoes legal separation, they are still married yet do not live together. Though financial assets are normally divided in court, some might still apply to both parties under legal separation. Legal separation is often preferred for some people, as it opens the possibility of reunifying. Also, because both parties are still technically married, they are usually not acting contrary to their religion. Still, both parties must agree to legal separation before it becomes possible.


Preparing Children For Divorce

Divorce is frequently most traumatizing for the children, who are forced to speak ill of parents they likely love. Honestly, children should be kept as innocent as possible during divorce proceedings. Ensure they understand they are not responsible for the divorce and explain what will change and stay the same. If desired, having a therapist specializing in pediatric therapy could help your child cope with the stress of divorce a lot.

Furthermore, make sure that both parents remain strong during this time. While it may seem like a zero-sum game, remaining strong can help you serve as a role model to your children during divorce. This allows them to understand that the divorce will pass, their life will be fine, and they are still loved. 


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Divorce can be stressful for all involved. However, a divorce lawyer in Riverhead, NY, like Simonetti & Associates, can help your family navigate this tough process. Contact us today for more information.

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