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It is normal to have some tense moments between you and your partner throughout your marriage. However, the key to making your relationship last is by building a stronger bond. To form a stronger bond, it is essential to understand how to communicate with your partner; however, contact a Valley Stream divorce lawyer if you are considering getting a divorce. 

Recognizing Poor Communication

To work on healthy communication with your partner, you must first identify the areas that need some work. Not working on your communication could lead to bigger problems such as visiting a Valley Stream divorce lawyer. Listed below are some of the things you need to look out for:

  • Passive Aggressive Behavior: a way to express hidden anger instead of addressing the situation directly. Passive-aggressive behavior includes making digs about your partner’s decisions, giving your partner the silent treatment, or making jokes about your partner always being late, for example. 
  • Brushing things under the rug: this means avoiding conflicts and ignoring issues. This will not help. Instead, it makes the problem build up to something more significant later on. 
  • Using aggressive speech: this type of communication is toxic. Aggressive speech includes raising your voice, blaming, criticizing, controlling, or dominating the conversation. 

Tips for Better CommunicationValley Stream divorce lawyer

Better and healthier communication can solve many relationship problems and ultimately prevent you from having to see a Valley Stream divorce lawyer. To create more open and honest communication between you and your partner, follow the tips below:

  • Before talking to your partner about an issue that is bothering you, make sure you possess your feelings first. Process your feelings by going on a walk or listening to relaxing music. This way, you will be more in control of your emotions. Going into a conversation being angry or upset can make the conversation become heated. 
  • Choosing the right time to talk to your partner can make a big difference. You want to avoid making your partner feel ambushed or blindsided. Therefore, if you plan on talking to your partner, it is a good idea to give them the heads up that you would like to sit down and talk with them. 
  • How you speak to your partner also makes a big difference. Avoid pointing fingers and placing blame. You can do this by beginning the conversation with how you are feeling. This statement should always begin with “I.” 
  • Do not enter the conversation as if it is a debate. Focus on being heard and listening. Even if you do not agree with your partner, it is crucial that you actually listen to them, and they should do the same for you. By actively listening, you are able to understand their point of view. 
  • After having a conversation with your partner, you should both feel as if you left the conversation with some kind of resolution. The resolution will usually be some sort of compromise. This will help you and your partner forgive and move forward.

Contact Our Valley Stream divorce lawyer

If you and your partner have poor communication, follow the tips above to help build a stronger relationship between you. If this does not seem to work and you are looking to get a divorce, contact Simonetti & Associates. Our goal is to help you through the process by educating and informing you to make the best decision for your family. Schedule an appointment with a Valley Stream divorce lawyer today!

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