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An uncontested divorce is a term used when a divorce when the two spouses have already settled any issues that would need to be settled to obtain a divorce. Uncontested divorce in NY has another meaning as well. A divorce can be considered uncontested if your spouse fails to appear during the divorce proceedings. 

Why Should You Have An Uncontested Divorce?Suffolk County Family Esq

To have an uncontested divorce in NY, the two spouses must not have any financial disputes and both must agree to the divorce. Some of the benefits of having an uncontested divorce include: 

  • Privacy – An uncontested divorce is more cooperative and more private than a regular divorce. It will also keep your private assets out of the hands of the people required to participate in a divorce proceeding. 
  • Cost – An uncontested divorce in NY is almost always the cheapest way of getting a divorce when compared to a regular divorce. 
  • Much faster process – Far fewer proceedings allow the two spouses to move on with their lives faster than a regular divorce. The length of the process will depend on the size of the marital estate and the cooperation between the two spouses.

An uncontested divorce is, however, a bad idea when there has been a history of domestic violence, physical or emotional abuse in the relationship. This may lead to one spouse having an advantage over the other, and the disadvantaged spouse needs to have an attorney speak for them in this situation.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer In An Uncontested Divorce?

An attorney is necessary for an uncontested divorce in NY. You may need your attorney to look over your paper and your settlement agreement. This is especially important if you have major assets or children. An attorney will take the stress out of trying to move through the legal system on your own, and allows you to begin rebuilding your life after divorce. The legal team at Simonetti & Associates is dedicated to allowing you to continue with your life and we want to make sure that you are fairly represented in your legal matter. For more information, call 877-385-2560, or go to our website for a free consultation today!

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