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Many couples discuss prenuptial agreements prior to getting married, however very seldom do couples discuss or follow through with a postnuptial agreement. It’s very similar to a prenuptial agreement: the document lays out what assets are divided by the two parties and determines who gets what in the event of either death or divorce. The only main difference is that this document is signed after the marriage as opposed to before. At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer in RIverhead is prepared to write up pre or post nuptial documents for our clients. 


What Issues Can a Postnuptial Agreement solve? Divorce Lawyer in Riverhead

If you are currently going through a divorce and are looking to sum up a postnuptial agreement, our divorce lawyer in Riverhead can assist you with the following issues:

  • Separate Property – This agreement specifies which property each spouse brought into the marriage and therefore belongs to them. 
  • Marital Property – Similar to separate property only this is what the document determines belongs to each spouse after the divorce. 
  • Establishing Maintenance – This section puts in place certain responsibilities that each spouse has post divorce. This mostly applies to child support if the couple have children together.  
  • Pre Marital Debt – This states that any debt that one party brought into the marriage will be left solely to them after the divorce and the other spouse will have no responsibility for it.  


Signs That you need a Post-nup

It’s agreed upon by most divorce lawyers that a post-nup is necessary if:

  • One or both parties are wealthy.
  • Children from a previous marriage are involved.
  • One of you is a business owner. 
  • You recently required a large inheritance.


Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Riverhead

If you are currently going through a divorce or would like a lawyer to write you up a postnuptial agreement, here at Simonetti & Associates our divorce lawyer in Riverhead is more than qualified to do just that! A post-nup ensures that each party gets exactly what they need and that there are absolutely no secrets, manipulation or unequal treatment. Each party will be fairly accounted for regarding the individual circumstances.  For a free consultation, please visit our website at or give us a call at 877-385-2560

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