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Separating with kids in the picture is never easy. It’s difficult for parents not to be able to see their children. One parent may prevent the other from seeing their children in some strenuous marriages. If a custody agreement has already been established, the other part must follow the conditions legally agreed upon. If your separated spouse is preventing you from seeing your children and you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Springs, Simonetti & Associates has answers. 

What Can I Do If My Separated Spouse Won’t Let Me See My Children?Divorce lawyer in Springs

If no court order is in place, each spouse has equal rights to any children they have. If your separated spouse is not letting you see your children, you should contact a lawyer to be able to protect your custody rights in divorce and custody proceedings. In addition to this, other tips can help protect your parental rights in court:

  • Leave any custodial disputes to your attorney. Showing up and trying to take your kids back can escalate the situation and hurt your case in custodial proceedings.
  • Scheduled visitations should be established. Scheduled visitations must be abided by. Show up on time for your scheduled visits so absences or tardiness won’t be held against you in court.
  • Know your rights. Remember, you have equal rights to your children. If you remain collected and handle everything strategically, this will work in court. Avoid confrontations and high-stress situations. Not only will this hurt your case in court, but it will also hurt your children.

You will likely need a divorce lawyer in situations such as these. Simonetti & Associates will give you excellent assistance in your case if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Springs.

Simonetti & Associates – Divorce lawyer in Springs

In situations such as these, it’s important to keep a level head as much as possible. This is so you can make a case in court so the judge can make an arrangement that will allow you to see your kids. For more information and a divorce lawyer in Springs, contact us at Simonetti & Associates.

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