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Here at Simonetti & Associates, we know that the divorce process could be long and difficult and can leave you frustrated about what comes next. While the court procedures and paperwork filing make this process feel long, our specialty Suffolk divorce lawyer will help make your divorce as quickly as possible. Please continue reading to find out what a divorce lawyer does and what you need to do to help your divorce case go as smoothly as possible.

Suffolk Divorce LawyerWhere to Start

When you meet with our Suffolk divorce lawyer, the first thing you will do during your free consultation meeting is go over the details of your case. Based on your details, our lawyers will formulate the best strategy to handle your case and inform you of the different options for divorce. Once our lawyers have everything they need to start your case, we will hand you the paperwork necessary to begin your case.


Responsibilities of Our Lawyers 

While it might not feel like much is happening, our divorce lawyers are working tirelessly to help ensure that the strategy our lawyers created will plan. Throughout your divorce case, our Suffolk divorce lawyer has the following responsibilities:

  • Advice on what to do with property, bank accounts, credit cards, and any other assets you might share with your spouse
  • Inform you about the progress made in the case and if anything new comes up.
  • Prepare you for the paperwork necessary for the different court appearances, custody, and divorce finalization.
  • Handle any conflicts that might arise during the divorce process
  • Represent you during court hearings

To read more about the responsibilities and duties of a divorce lawyer, please click this link.


Contact Our Suffolk Divorce Lawyer

We know the divorce process is a highly stressful and emotional time in your life, but with the help of our Suffolk divorce lawyer, we can help you through the divorce process to ensure everything goes smoothly. For a free consultation, please contact us online or call us at 877-385-2560 so we can help you through the divorce process.

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