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What Happens To The Engagement Ring In A Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult thing for anyone going through it. Unfortunately, it can only be made worse when you and your partner have to work out who gets what when you split. This often brings up the question of who gets to keep the engagement ring upon finalization of the divorce. Here at Simonetti & Associates, we will explore every legal avenue to help ensure you get to keep your ring after divorce should you so desire.

Nassau family EsqThe Engagement Ring

Falling in love feels like you’re in a fairytale, especially the moment when you receive your engagement ring. Unfortunately, some relationships don’t last forever. If you fall out of love with your spouse, what happens to the ring? Both people involved in the engagement may feel they deserve the ring more than the other for numerous reasons. Whether you were the one who purchased it and feel you deserve it for its financial value, or you received the ring and feel you deserve to keep it because it was a gift to you, our Nassau family Esq. will work with you to come to a fair agreement.

Who Gets the Ring and Why?

Legally, the engagement ring is not considered marital property that is to be divided upon divorce. The ring is usually seen by the court as a gift to the recipient, meaning that’s who usually gets to keep it after divorce. Once the marriage is official, the person who received the ring has complete ownership. If the couple does not end up getting married, the ring is to be returned to the person who gifted it. The most common circumstance in which the giver receives the ring back is if the ring was a family heirloom. The easiest way to ensure that you get an heirloom back after divorce is by including it in a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married, which our Nassau family Esq. can help create!

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