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Sometimes the relationship with a spouse becomes hard to maintain. Frequently, this occurs when a married couple has children. This further complicates things, as divorce can be rough and impact children’s futures. That is where legal separation comes into play. A divorce lawyer in Springs, such as Simonetti & Associates, can help you with this process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

What is legal separation?Divorce Lawyers in Springs

Legal separation is like a de facto divorce, yet the couple remains legally married. However, via a court order, the married couple must live separately. This may impact children somewhat but retains some of the benefits of marriage. For instance, for religious people, a divorce may be out of the question. 

However, with a legal separation, the couple remains married yet lives apart, skirting divorce’s religious taboo. Separated spouses might still qualify for some tax benefits and financial opportunities (some assets are still in limited joint control, such as property and vehicles). 

Sometimes, married spouses even choose legal separation, hoping to possibly get back together and reconcile someday. Still being legally married, yet separated, leaves the door open for that outcome. However, legal separation still normally involves hiring lawyers. However, both spouses must mutually agree to be legally separated. This means that although the finances, child support, and whatnot can be debated, the act of legally separating must be agreed upon by both spouses.

Navigating Legal Separation

In some states, a legal separation is required by both spouses before a divorce. This gives both parties time to determine if they wish to end things. Some choose not to. For instance, under the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, legally married couples must remain married for at least ten years to receive benefits. 

Being legally separated counts towards this, which is why servicepeople might often choose legal separation to not render their spouse totally without support. Likewise, marriage for a decade qualifies spouses for specific social security retirement benefits pertaining to spouses. 

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Obviously, legal separation is not the outcome many people hope for in a marriage. However, it might be desirable over divorce in a number of instances. If you wish to attain legal separation from your spouse, contact a divorce lawyer in Springs like Simonetti & Associates today!

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