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What Month Do Most People Get Divorced?

While divorces happen year-round, did you know that there are certain months of the year in which divorce rates consistently see a spike? In fact, one month, in particular, has been coined “divorce month” because of the pattern that is seen every year. Regardless of when you plan to get a divorce, Simonetti & Associates, our Nassau Divorce Lawyer, will be here to help

What Is “Divorce Month”?Nassau Divorce Lawyer

With the holidays in November and December, people have a tendency to put off their divorces until after the seasonal festivities have ended. This may be the reason higher rates of divorce are typically seen at the start of the new year in January. This can also be because many people like to start fresh at the beginning of the year, which may include divorcing a spouse who is no longer making you happy.

Although a lot of people file for divorce in January, that does not necessarily mean they get their divorce finalized in January. Divorces can take months or even years to get finalized. This delay may be why a lot of divorces also happen in March. If you want to ensure that your divorce will be taken care of in a timely manner, be sure to contact our Nassau Divorce Lawyer to get the assistance you need.

Why Does This Occur?

As mentioned, divorce rates tend to spike every year in January, coining it the “divorce month.” Aside from the holidays and New Year’s resolutions, there are several other reasons why so many people tend to file for divorce in January. 

  • Taxes: Filing in January helps avoid having to file jointly for the upcoming tax year.
  • Family: Some families want to spend one last “real” holiday together with their children before they make their split official.
  • Stress: The holidays can be very stressful for many, and people don’t want to add the stress of a divorce on top of it all.
  • The illusion of happiness: During the holidays, things can seem joyous and bright. Once all the gifts and lights are gone, the reality of a failing marriage may resurface.

Contact Our Nassau Divorce Lawyer

Regardless of when you choose to file for divorce, here at Simonetti & Associates we understand that this decision is never easy. With over 30 years of experience, our Nassau Divorce Lawyer strives to provide helpful legal services with respect, empathy, transparency, commitment, and clear communication. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, be sure to contact us today!

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