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Determining Child Support Amount

As a parent, you are obligated to support your child by providing for their basic needs. In the event of a divorce, child support is essential to ensure the child has everything they need. Child support laws and amounts can be confusing to decipher for those new to the process, but our Long Island family lawyer is here to help! At Simonetti & Associates, our dedicated attorneys can help explain child support laws in New York and minimize the stress of this process. Continue reading to discover how the amount of child support is determined. 


Determining Child Support Amount

Child support is defined as additional money that one noncustodial parent pays to the custodial parent to help support their child. Both parents are mutually responsible for providing their children with everything they need to lead a happy, safe, and healthy life. Child support covers several expenses for the child in New York, including educational costs, childcare, health insurance, and medical costs. When determining the child support amount, the court will consider what each parent can provide and uses both parents’ income. The court will also utilize a formula to calculate the amount of child support needed based on the number of children and both parents’ income per year. The amount is based on a percentage of the adjusted gross income of the noncustodial parent according to the number of children:

  • 17% for One Child. 
  • 25% for Two Children. 
  • 29% for Three Children.
  • 31% for Four Children.
  • 35% or more for Five or more Children. 

These general guidelines apply to most parental income up to $136,000. Each parent has the right to file a petition to modify this amount if a change of circumstances occurs. These could involve an increase in the child’s needs or loss of income. Our Long Island family lawyer will work with you to establish a fair child support agreement. 


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At Simonetti & Associates, our skilled Long Island family lawyer can evaluate your unique circumstances and help you negotiate a fair child support structure that best suits your family’s needs. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll utilize our extensive legal knowledge and expertise to protect you and your child’s rights, no matter how complicated the situation may be. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about child support and schedule a consultation!

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