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What Happens To Pets During A Divorce?

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For some households, we treat our pets as though they’re actually our children. But unlink our children, divorce cases may not seem quite as cut and dry when determining who gets to keep the furry friends. A 2013 research study indicated that nearly 50% of marriages in this country inevitably end with a divorce. By comparison,  62% of households happen to contain at least one pet. Your divorce lawyer in Hicksville wants you to fully understand all of the necessary options you need to explore when determining whether or not you’ll be able to hold onto your beloved pets.

How Are Pets Handled?

Custody disputes involving pets are never going to end easy and will only increase the amount of tension surrounding the break-up. Most court cases implore that the pets being fought over should be treated like any other personal property. Your divorce lawyer in Hicksville knows that it may feel odd speaking about your pet in the same sentence as a piece of furniture or other forms of property. But under the impression of the court, this is how they will likely be considered. A change could be on the horizon, as some individuals advocate for acting in the best interest of the pets themselves.

Potential Outcomes

Naturally, prenuptial agreements which can be worked on with your divorce lawyer in Hicksville are the simplest way to receive an outcome from these cases. Since they’re considered personal property, prenups will easily disperse all personal assets upon completion of the divorce. If this option has already been long dismissed, other potential outcomes can include the following:

  • Understandably, if the pet belonged to one of the spouses prior to the marriage, the court will take this into strong consideration. In all likelihood, the pet will be rewarded back to the one who owned it prior to marriage.
  • The court will likely also consider who predominantly takes care of the pet. If one spouse is taking the pet to the vet, buying it food, or just naturally doing anything for its well-being; the court will likely rule in favor of this spouse.
  • Another factor could be if one spouse is not equipped to be raising and taking care of an animal. Work and other obligations may force them to surrender primary custody.

Contacting A Divorce Lawyer In Hicksville

If you have questions or are concerned about what may happen to your pet as a result of a divorce, contact a divorce lawyer in Hicksville and seek out a free consultation to put your mind at ease.