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Are you facing challenging family legal issues and seeking compassionate, knowledgeable representation? Look no further than Simonetti & Associates, where our staff of experienced female attorneys is dedicated to providing you with top of the line legal services tailored to your unique needs.

Meet Our Expert Team

Charlotte Betts

Charlotte M. Betts has dedicated over a quarter of a century to the representation of parties in all areas of matrimonial litigation, including complex and high net worth contested matters involving equitable distribution of marital assets, spousal support, custody and parental access, child support, and advocating for victims of domestic abuse. Ms. Betts has been involved in every aspect of such matters, from the commencement of litigation, motion practice, financial discovery (including examinations before trial and valuation of business interests), and trial or settlement. Ms. Betts has advanced and opposed a myriad of post-judgment matters, including enforcement and modification of court-ordered obligations and modification of custody and parental access to minor children.

Ms. Betts has represented numerous clients regarding prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Megan Long

A Long Island Native, Megan grew up in the Huntington area and now lives in Long Beach with her husband. While in school, she developed a passion for family and matrimonial law. She graduated from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University with honors in the following areas: Family Court Review, AFCC, and Alumni Coordinator, Vol. 54, the Vice President of External Affairs in the Family Law Society, and a social coordinator for the Hofstra Law of Women. She has been dedicated to the field of Matrimonial private practice and other family law matters from the time of her admission. She is also a member of the Nassau County Bar Association: Matrimonial Committee and Rising Stars in Matrimonial Law Committee. She is an avid runner in her free time and can speak and write conversationally in Spanish.

Catherine Romano

Catherine was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and comes from a first-generation Italian-American family. A graduate of LIU C.W. Post, she is the first college graduate in her family, and as a graduate of Touro Law School’s Class of 2015, she is the first attorney in her family. Catherine earned the CALI Award for her work in the Family Law Clinic and was also a member of the executive board for the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Since being admitted to the New York State Bar, she has dedicated her career to Matrimonial and Family Law, handling many cases, including custody, child support, and divorce matters for clients across Long Island. Outside the office, Catherine is married and loves spending time at the beach with her dog.

Why Choose A Female Divorce Attorney?

The decision to choose a female divorce attorney, such as one from Simonetti & Associates, can be influenced by various factors, and it’s important to note that the choice ultimately depends on the individual’s personal preferences and specific circumstances. Here are some reasons why someone might consider working with a female divorce attorney:

  1. Empathy and Understanding: Some individuals may feel that a female attorney could better empathize with their experiences and emotions during a divorce. Women, who statistically may have faced similar challenges in relationships, may be perceived as more understanding and compassionate in navigating the emotional aspects of the divorce process.
  2. Communication Style: Some clients may find that they communicate more effectively with female attorneys. They may believe that women, in general, possess strong communication skills and are better equipped to express and understand emotions, which can be crucial during negotiations or court proceedings.
  3. Legal Expertise: The choice of an attorney should primarily be based on their legal expertise and experience. Simonetti & Associates, as a reputable law firm, would likely have competent attorneys regardless of gender. However, in specific cases where gender dynamics play a role, a client may feel more comfortable with a female attorney who has a deep understanding of family law and the challenges faced by their gender.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: In certain situations, especially in family law matters, cultural factors may come into play. A female attorney may be perceived as more attuned to the nuances of gender roles within a particular culture and better equipped to navigate these issues.
  5. Preference for a Female Perspective: Some clients may simply prefer a female perspective when dealing with sensitive and personal matters. They might believe that a female attorney could bring unique insights to their case that a male attorney might not.

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