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This may seem surprising, but approximately 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation. The number one cause of divorce is considered to be related to financial troubles. If you and your partner are looking to file for divorce, we can help you here at Simonetti & Associates. We have been voted as the Best Long Island Divorce Lawyer for eight years in a row. We offer the best Garden City divorce lawyer that you can find. Once you and your partner conclude that divorce is the appropriate step to take, reach out to us. We have been helping people achieve their objectives and control costs in divorce for many years.

Many steps are required to fully complete the Divorce process. You must:Garden City divorce lawyer

  • Meet the Residency Requirements
  • Know the Grounds for Divorce in New York
  • Gather all the Information You Need to Complete the Divorce Forms (Uncontested Divorce)
  • Prepare and FIle the Necessary Forms
  • Serve the Forms and Get Responses From Your Partner
  • Determine Your Case on the Court Calendar

For courts in New York to take your Divorce case, you must show that you and your partner have lived together in New York for over a year before filing for divorce.

In addition to these residency requirements, you must provide reasons for getting divorced and then fill out the forms to be considered as an uncontested divorcee. This means that you and your partner have agreed to the terms of divorce, such as financial issues. This may also include child support and custody if you have children. Once all the forms are filled out within the deadlines and approved by the judge, they will issue a divorce judgment. 

How Can Simonetti & Associates Help You?

As previously stated, we have been voted the Best Long Island Divorce Lawyer for eight years in a row (2014-2021). We offer free consultations and affordable counsel as well as highly-rated extensive experience. We also help you achieve all of your objectives and control costs in your divorce. 

Overall, we strive to provide high-quality spousal support and representation that you would expect from a prestigious firm during the entirety of the divorce process. 

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Here at Simonetti & Associates, we offer the best Garden City divorce lawyer that you can find. To request our free consultation, visit our website or call us at (877) 385- 2560. 

What is Uncontested Divorce in New York?

Going through a divorce can be challenging, and stressful. Our team at Simonetti & Associates wants to help you get the legal help you need. Our professional lawyers will guide you seamlessly through the process of finalizing your divorce. Contact Garden City divorce lawyer for any legal questions.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce has two different meanings in the state of New York. They are both implemented to protect each individual involved. First, it is a term used when the two spouses have already settled any issues that would need to be settled in court. Second, it is uncontested when your spouse fails to appear in court. Both spouses must not have any financial disputes and must agree on the divorce.

The Benefits of an Uncontested DivorceGarden City divorce lawyer

The benefits of uncontested divorce will make the process shorter, cheaper, and private. It is more cooperative and efficient for both parties involved.

  • Privacy- The process is more private. It also keeps your private assets safe and out of the hands of people involved in the proceeding.
  • Cost- An uncontested divorce is almost the cheapest way of getting a divorce. It is cheaper than getting a regular divorce.
  • Faster Process- In an uncontested divorce, there are far fewer proceedings and allow both parties to get back to their lives. The length will depend on the cooperation of both parties and the size of the marital estate.

It is not suggested to get an uncontested divorce if the couple has a history of domestic violence and physical or emotional abuse. Contact Garden City divorce lawyer for advice and options. 

Why Should You Get a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

An attorney is necessary for an uncontested divorce in New York. Our lawyers will give you legal advice and the correct route to go about the divorce process. It is crucial to get a lawyer if you have large assets or children involved. If you are interested in a divorce support group, click here

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If you require legal help, Simonetti & Associates are here to help. We are dedicated to representing you fairly in court and getting your life back. Visit our website for more information and legal advice. 

A divorce is always a difficult time for the two families, especially for any children directly involved. The sons and daughters of divorced parents are always a tricky and sensitive subject when it comes to the law, though when it comes to New York State law, the process of child support goes through a particular set of events.  At Simonetti & Associates, Garden City divorce lawyer we are deeply experienced in child support laws and committed to providing the most reasonable and beneficial plan for your little loved ones. Let us help you gain a firm understanding of it all and explain the general laws and requirements of child support in the state of New York.


What Exactly Is Child Support in Law

Child support is much more than the decision of who has custody of the child, as it primarily deals with the financial help one parent lends to the other to ensure the child is taken care of. However, aside from the basic necessities such as food and shelter, other factors come into play, such as:

  • HealthcareGarden City divorce lawyer
  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Extracurricular Activities

Any and all applications you can think of to these categories apply. If the child takes part in summer camp or has a nanny, it falls under childcare. If the child is going into college or needs tutoring, tuition payments fall under education. Any and all extracurricular activities the child is involved in In spite of the parent’s separation, the child is still supported by them, up until the age of 21.


How Is It Determined Who Pays Who in Court?

Generally, the decisions of who pays to who and who gets custody are determined outside of a courtroom; however, if you and your spouse are consistently in disagreement over the details and plans keep failing to come to fruition, the parents must come to court. As is the case with any child support situation, the child’s needs are the number one factor. However, to determine how the child can be supported as optimally as possible, gross income is the other massive factor to consider. Every source of income possible is considered, such as:

  • Dividends
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Social Security 
  • Pensions
  • Employment Salary
  • Spousal Maintenance/Child Support from a prior marriage

The parent who receives custody, known as the custodial parent, is determined through not just income, but the parent’s capabilities to provide for their child best, the parent’s work life and lifestyle, and how to fit which parent is when it comes to the developmental and emotional needs of the child. Simonetti & Associates, Garden City divorce lawyer knows this is a sensitive issue for many, and we will stay committed to entrusting the child with the most capable parent.


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Simonetti & Associates, Garden City divorce lawyer can help with any child support issues that are deeply affecting you, your spouse, and your child. Contact us today; we are located in Syosset and Water Mill.

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