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High Asset Divorce Attorney near Suffolk County

Divorce is stressful, but add high net worth into the mix and it becomes much more emotionally and financially complicated. At Simonetti & Associates located in Suffolk County, New York, we are here to ease your worries about high asset divorce.

High asset divorces are considered to be more challenging than other divorce cases because there are more assets to fight over which can then hold up proceedings of the divorce. When involved in a high asset divorce, it is crucial that those involved seek legal help from others who have experience in high net worth divorces. In this situation, Simonetti & Associates in Suffolk County is honored to help you protect your assets throughout a divorce.

Typically, the most complicated scenarios involve family businesses. The reasoning behind this is because each side must have its interests evaluated. This could also be problematic for IRAs, 401 K plans, pensions, stock options, trusts, and real estate holdings. In Suffolk County, Simonetti & Associates are professionals when dealing with complicated high asset divorces and help their clients fight for their rightful assets.

There are many ways that high net worth divorces can get messy and complicated. The most common reason for this is one party hiding assets from the other party. On the other hand, one party failing to investigate the other party for hidden assets. The reason this can become complicated is that the act of hiding an asset during a high asset divorce is illegal. In Suffolk County at Simonetti & Associates, we realize the severity of hiding an asset during a high net worth divorce and we advise our clients against this. Hiding an asset is a fraudulent act and can cause the perpetrator to lose credibility in court throughout the process.

At Simonetti & Associates in Suffolk County, it is important for us to find a favorable resolution during high asset divorces. If you would like to learn more about high asset divorces, or need legal help come down to Simonetti & Associates for the best divorce advice in Suffolk County!