How Do Vacations Work With Joint Custody?

Sometimes, trying to plan a family vacation can bring about copious amounts of stress. This situation can be amplified if you share custody with your ex-spouse. If you’re wondering what role this can take in your vacation planning, our team at Simonetti & Associates will be there to help. Our Nassau family Esq. will walk you through how custody agreements can affect vacation planning, and how you should go about doing so.

Vacation Time Is Often Agreed Upon

Custody agreements are often very thorough to help ensure the best interest of the child. When both parents are awarded custody, the courts detail the times and dates when each parent has the child. Vacation time can often be worked into an agreement as well to help fight off any problems that may arise from trying to plan one. If vacation time was not put into the initial custody agreement, our Nassau family Esq. can work to get it added in.

Will Vacation Time Will Affect Visitation Time

Both you and your ex-spouse will need to adhere to all custody agreements to avoid facing legal complications. However, vacation time may change the custody agreement for a small period. If you have custody of your children during the week, but your ex-spouse was awarded vacation time, they will be able to take the children even if it is during the week. The schedule will return to normal once the vacation has ended.

Vacationing Without The Kids

Another issue our Nassau family Esq. sees often is whether a parent who is supposed to have custody during a time frame can take a vacation without their children or not. If you’re a spouse who depends on your ex to uphold their custody obligations so you can work, this can put you in a difficult situation. While it can vary on a case to case basis, our Nassau family Esq. will help to ensure your ex-spouse cannot skip out on custody duties while claiming vacation time.

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Determining how vacations can be worked into a custody agreement does not have to be a difficult process. Our team at Simonetti & Associates can offer the mitigation or representation needed to come to a favorable outcome. For more information about how our Nassau family Esq. can help, contact us today.

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