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After going through a divorce, moving on may be tricky—one of the best ways to do so may be by moving. Relocating to a new place offers a new environment without painful memories or encounters. A fresh start in a new place may be what you need to kickstart your post-divorce life.  Even with this decision in mind, there are some factors you should take into consideration before relocating. For example, if you and your ex have a child and both parents do not agree about a move, there could be problems. Consider the following legal factors before packing your bags and moving. If you need help with your divorce contact the experts at Simonetti & Associates. Our Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer is here to help you.


Going to Court Over Relocation with our Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

If you are looking to move yourself and your child, you may end up back in court fighting for the right to do so. The parent looking to move may file for a modification of the existing custody order, requesting permission for a move and a new visitation plan. Or, the parent who is staying in the original location can file seeking to prevent the other parent from moving the child. 

If you and your ex do not reach some type of agreement about moving, you will have to go before a judge in a hearing who will decide if you are allowed to move with the child. This is when a Suffolk County divorce lawyer can help you build the best case. 

The main question in the court’s mind is whether the move will be in the best interest of the child. Whether that means a better quality of life, a more stable environment, or a better supporting parent, it is up to the judge to decide. 


Preparing for Court 

When preparing for the hearing, you’ll want to put together evidence and information that will persuade the judge to rule in your favor. Show how the move is going to benefit the child. Maybe that means creating a more stable financial situation due to a new job or getting remarried. Whatever the reason may be, you and a Suffolk County divorce lawyer need to show the judge how the move will benefit the family and the child. 


New Parenting Plan 

A move for the child will affect his or her relationship with the other parent. Creating a new parenting plan to maintain that relationship and benefit the child is important. This may include longer future visits due to shorter ones because of the move, connecting online, and sharing information and decisions regarding the child. 


Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer 

Many divorcees find it best for themselves and their families to relocate after a divorce. It can provide a fresh start and a clear mind. However, it’s important to cover all of your grounds and look to move in the child’s best interest in the divorce. For the best Suffolk County divorce lawyer, Simonetti & Associates has the expertise and knowledge that you need to win your case. Contact us today for your free consultation and a start on your new life!

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