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Relocating After Divorce

Many people consider relocating after a divorce as a way to put this chapter behind them and make a fresh start somewhere else. However, moving out of state can present some challenges if there are children from the marriage and both parents do not agree on the move. If you’re considering relocating after divorce, it’s best to consult with our divorce lawyer in Hampton Bays at Simonetti & Associates. Continue reading to learn more about relocation after divorce. 


When Is Relocation Allowed?

After divorce, many custody arrangements can work well for the long term, especially when both parents live close to one another. However, complications can arise when the custodial parent wants to move further away. When the noncustodial parent objects to the relocation, the courts may allow it if the move is deemed reasonably necessary and will promote the child’s best interest. The custodial parent will need to present sufficient evidence to support these requirements. Some of the factors the courts will consider in these circumstances may include:

  • Reason for the move. 
  • Impact of the move on the relationship between the noncustodial parent and child. 
  • Distance between the new and old home. 
  • Improvement of the child’s living situation.
  • Child’s preference.

It can be frustrating and costly to fight for or against relocation. Our knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Hampton Bays is well-versed in this area and understands how to present enough relevant evidence to support your position. We can work with you and your ex-spouse to negotiate and mediate mutually beneficial solutions that allow the custodial parent to move towards a different phase in their life without depriving the noncustodial parent of time with their children. 


Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Hampton Bays

Relocating with children after divorce is a highly complex custody matter. You and your ex-partner may be able to reach an agreement, but there can also be some details to work out. No matter how the conversation will be, it’s best to have a quality divorce lawyer in Hampton Bays present to represent your goals. At Simonetti & Associates, we have helped many Long Islanders navigate custody matters. If you’re thinking about moving with your children, we can help you understand what to expect through the process and in dealing with the court. Our team will advocate for you to help you achieve the results you are looking for at the end. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation! 

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