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Simonetti & Associates Law Firm, voted Best Divorce Lawyer on Long Island 8 years in a row, serves all Nassau and Suffolk County residents including Great Neck, Hicksville, Massapequa, Huntington, Woodbury, Garden City, Melville, Plainview, Montauk, and everything in between understands that regardless of your net worth, you don’t want to squander money on your divorce. We strive to provide the high-quality spousal support and representation you expect from a prestigious firm during the dissolution of marriage while working to keep your legal costs at a minimum. Contact our expert Suffolk County Divorce Attorney today!
Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

Simonetti & Associates understands that regardless of your net worth, you don’t want to squander money on your divorce. We strive to provide the high-quality legal representation you expect from a prestigious firm while working to keep your legal costs at a minimum. Whether you live in Massapequa, Huntington, Smithtown, Hicksville, Great Neck, Riverhead, or any town in between, voted Best Divorce Lawyer on Long Island, Simonetti & Associates is here to help.

Serving Long Island for more than 30 years

Simonetti & Associates has represented the residents of Long Island since 1990. Our founding member is a born-and-raised native of Long Island who has practiced law here his entire career. We understand the issues that most concern members of your community. Our main office, located in Syosset, New York, has available parking and is near major highways. We also maintain an office in Water Mill, NY for our clients’ convenience.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience managing complex cases, primarily focused on the areas of divorce, divorce mediation and other family law matters. We can put our experience to work for you.

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    Simonetti & Associates understands the sensitivity of such a subject as family law and the issues that come with it, which is why it is necessary to reach out to us as a voice of reason.  Emotions of both parties can rise as legal consequences rise and we are here to counsel you to obtain goals that would be hard to achieve alone.  We know that it may seem impossible to deal with two opposing parties simultaneously, but it is our goal to seek out the best resolution for your interests.  Our Long Island Family Law Attorney provides representation for clients in Nassau and Suffolk County alike, from Long Island towns such as Long Beach, Huntington, Massapequa, Hicksville, Montauk, and everywhere in between.  

    How Should I Tell My Spouse I Want A Divorce?

    Deciding on whether or not you are ready for a divorce is a huge decision. An even bigger decision is how you are going to tell your spouse. If your spouse is not on the same page as you when it comes to divorce, the situation can get a bit tricky. The divorce process is difficult, frustrating, and intimidating, which is why you want to go into it with little complication. Telling your spouse in a  way that gets your point across without stirring up issues is essential in moving forward with a quick and simple divorce. If you are looking to get a divorce, but don’t know how to tell your partner, we can help. At Simonetti & Associates, we are here to help you have a new start. If you need a Suffolk County Divorce Attorney, you can trust us to guide you in the right direction.  Below, we have listed some tips on breaking the news to your spouse. 

    Take some time

    Don’t tell your spouse you want a divorce if you haven’t put serious thought into it. A divorce is a considerable change to your life, and unless you are certain, there is no need to say anything if you are unsure. You also do not want your spouse to convince you your marriage is okay if you know nothing else will work. You can also talk to other family members or a therapist. 

    Suffolk County Divorce AttorneyChoose the right time and place

    Telling your spouse you want a divorce is like ripping off a bandage. Don’t announce your desire for a divorce and expect no argument afterward, unless you are certain the feelings are mutual. Make sure you and your spouse have undivided attention, so you both can effectively communicate your feelings.

    Be calm

    When delivering news of a divorce, your spouse may be in denial. There is no reason to raise your voice or lash on your spouse. The first conversation should not be violent since divorce is a process. 

    Consider custody

    When going through a divorce it is so important to iron out any issues when it comes to the custody of a child. Delaying those conversations can make the process even more difficult as time goes on. There are Several factors a Suffolk County Divorce Attorney will urge you to consider when custody of children is applicable:

    • Location of the parents
    • The mental capacity of the parents
    • Which parent was the primary caregiver of the child

    Legal Terms

    When both you and your spouse are on the same terms, it is crucial that you work with your Suffolk County Divorce Attorney to make sure each step of the process is executed properly. In New York, the divorce process is broken down into several steps:

    1. Filing
    2. Serving the Defendant
    3. Defendant’s Response
    4. Calendaring
    5. Judgment

    Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

    Divorces can get ugly. If you and your spouse are not in agreement, a lawyer can help. At Simonetti & Associates, we can provide you with assistance from the best Suffolk County Divorce Attorney. Contact us today for your FREE consultation!

    Should I get an Attorney for Child Custody?

    Divorce proceedings can be tumultuous experiences for all involved parties, especially in Long Island. The New York court system is well renowned for denying the option of joint custody. This leads to the embittering and prolonging the experience as both parties fight for sole custody while attempting to avoid the complications of child support. Our divorce lawyers in Suffolk County offer knowledgeable representation with realistic perspectives into your options. Our firm can provide cost-effective and courtroom effective methods for child custody cases of all kinds.

    Why should I get a divorce attorney?

    With each state having their own divorce laws with unique clauses and considerations, you may not know what to do. Many don’t know their allocation of rights over their child, nor understand exactly what aspects of one’s life attribute to this allocation. It is important to get a lawyer well versed in the safety of your child, as many family and divorce attorneys are not properly specialized in managing child placement. Your case will require complete understanding for all possible nuances of law combined with your personalized situation. 

    Here are some of the situations for which a Suffolk County Divorce Attorney is required:Suffolk County divorce Attorney

    • Your Ex has a divorce attorney: If the courtroom is a battlefield, you can’t be caught overwhelmed and without your armada. Should your Ex seek an attorney for your case, you immediately are operating under a disadvantage should you choose to not pursue the same. With professional assistance on their side, the case could turn in their favor. Combat this with an experienced Suffolk County Divorce Attorney to fight in your favor.
    • You are being required to enroll in classes: If you are asked to take anger management classes, parenting classes, drug or alcohol treatments, or any serious re-training regiment, you are already at a disadvantage. The court does not look favorably upon these assignments, so to regain your advantage you will need professional legal counsel.
    • Your Ex is trying to unlawfully keep the kids from visitation: If your Ex frequently cancels visits, or attempts to restrict your contact with your children, you will need to fight these occurrences in a court of law. You are permitted access to your children as outlined in any previous court proceedings, and refusal to comply can bring your case back to court in your favor.
    • Your case crosses jurisdictions: If your case crosses jurisdictions (such as different states or countries), an attorney is especially critical to understand each regional system in symbiosis with your case. The law of each region can vary wildly and can become favorable or disadvantageous as a result.
    • Your Ex could be a danger to your children: If you believe this, contact a divorce lawyer immediately. Your child’s safety is critical. You will have to take the proper precautions to keep your Ex away from your children, including restraining orders and full custody without visitation. 
    • Your case becomes complicated: There are many reasons that a case can become suddenly complex during its progression. Your Ex could be attempting to convince the court of your inability to care for your child, or may make unexpected moves that you are unprepared for. You could be relocating, marrying, or moving in with a significant other. Additionally, you could be considering child support modifications or child custody modifications after the conclusion of your original case. If you have any concerns about an aspect of your case, a Suffolk County Divorce Attorney can meet with you for a consultation.

    Contact Our Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

    For experienced legal representation from our divorce lawyers in Suffolk County area, contact Simonetti & Associates. Call 877-385-2560 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation with our legal team. 

    What is The Difference Between a Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediation?

    Divorce is a difficult subject for many people. It can have many long-standing emotional and psychological effects on you and the people around you, and you should not have to go through the process alone. Our Suffolk County Divorce Attorney would be happy to help you go through the process and help you keep the property that is rightfully yours.

    What is a Divorce Lawyer?

    In the state of New York, if the marital relationship has been broken for at least six months, a spouse can make the case for divorce. This does not mean that your divorce will be uncontested. You still will need to resolve:

    • The division of assets (property, investment accounts, etc.) and the division of debts (mortgages, liabilities, etc.)
    • Child custody and support
    • Spousal maintenance or alimony

    The court will then decide how to settle your divorce and without our Suffolk County Divorce Attorney, you are running the risk of losing the property in which you are entitled. 

    What is Divorce Mediation?

    Divorce mediation is an alternative to a costly divorce because both spouses are willing to negotiate in good faith. The benefits include:

    • Having better control on the outcome of your divorce rather than having a judge make the decisions
    • Making decisions in the best interest of both parties and the family
    • Significantly cheaper and far less emotionally stressful than testifying in court
    • It is more private by keeping your private information away from public court records

    Spouses who have reached an agreement from mediation are more likely to follow the terms set by their divorce. They are also more likely to maintain a relationship that will work for their children.

    Suffolk County Divorce Attorney

    Simonetti & Associates can represent you for your divorce or your mediation. If you are looking for the best Suffolk County Divorce Attorney or all of Long Island, look no further. Simonetti and Associates have been serving Long Island and New York City for many years and have been recognized as “Best of LI’s” Best Divorce Lawyer for six consecutive years. Visit us online for more information or to request a free consultation.

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