Suffolk County Divorce Attorney


     Facing a divorce can be stressful, emotional, and overall draining, this is why when you are about to go through a divorce the best thing to do is hire an experienced divorce attorney. Hiring an experienced attorney in the Suffolk county area will do many things for you and it will give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for. The attorney will be able to handle all the difficult parts of the divorce process so that you don’t have to go through it alone.

        Of all the many things your divorce attorney can do for you, one of the most important, is to find and uncover hidden assets. Being able to decide which spouse gets what, is a very difficult process and on some occasions assets are hidden from you so that it won’t come up in the settlement. Having an attorney will allow you to not have to worry about that because they can use their resources to find any assets that you spouse may have hidden. Another very trying part of going through a divorce is having to negotiate with your spouse. When you hire an attorney all of this is minimized  in that your attorney will negotiate with your spouse’s attorney. This will take all the emotion and potential arguing out of the process ultimately making the process less stressful for you. When it comes time to making a settlement, your attorney will help evaluate and make sure you are getting everything that you are entitled to and will be able to offer up advice on what else should potentially be included. If you have a child, your attorney will help figure out child support and visitation as well as any other legal issues that may arise throughout the whole process.

        Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is an investment in you so it is very important to consider hiring one if faced with divorce. When hiring a divorce attorney you should look no further than Simonetti and Associates, conveniently located right on the border of Nassau and Suffolk County. Schedule your free consultation today!



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