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The Benefits Of A Free Consultation – Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Commonly, those who are seeking the assistance of a divorce attorney will often have several different questions that need to be answered. Fortunately, your local divorce lawyer in Massapequa over at Simonetti & Associates can provide you with a free consultation. Contact their office today and remember to ask about your consultation!

Questions That Can Be Answered

Those of us who are presently involved in the divorce process will be facing an innumerable amount of questions, with very little guidance to base anything off of. With the help of our free consultation program, you’ll be pointed in the right direction, getting you on track to get this grueling divorce process completed with. By consulting with your divorce lawyer in Massapequa, you’ll be able to ask them questions pertaining to the following:

  • Child-Custody – Naturally, for married couples with children, their immediate thoughts will drift towards their loved ones. What will the process be like for them? What about visitation laws?
  • The Dividing of Assets – Ensuring that you have a right to your own personal property is a staple of every single divorce related case. But are you aware of the NY State laws regarding the division of assets? Is your prenup fully at your disposal? Are you aware that your pets can also be considered assets? Remember to approach your divorce lawyer in Massapequa to help get answers to asset division.
  • What Are My Next Steps? – Your local divorce lawyer on Long Island will be able to get you going in the right direction regarding your divorce. By consulting with Simonetti & Associates, you can get yourself on the right track to completing this arduous process.
  • Specific Laws – Many of us may not be fully aware of what the laws are regarding divorce, specifically within the state of NY. Your divorce lawyer on Long Island will be able to answer any law-related questions that you’ve been pondering.

Putting Your Mind At Ease

The primary goal of our free consultation program is to provide strong service to the general public. Many of us may not where to turn to, or what questions need answering when it comes to our spontaneous divorce cases. Fortunately, your local divorce lawyer on Long Island can provide this service for you, benefiting you and everyone else involved. Contact the office of Simonetti & Associates today for your free consultation!