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What is a Toxic Marriage?

A toxic marriage is a relationship in which there is competition, disrespect, and conflicts with someone trying to undermine their partner and leads to the relationship being emotionally and/or physically damaging. Healthy relationships are safe places, where partners care and respect each other and there is a desire for mutual happiness. A toxic relationship, however, damages self-esteem, makes us feel unsafe, drains energy, and is characterized by self-centeredness and insecurities. If you notice signs of a toxic relationship or a toxic partner, you should seek professional help early to work out underlying issues and keep the marriage from becoming toxic, or rectifying a toxic marriage. If outside help will not work, or you can not resolve the issues, leaving the relationship might be the best outcome for everyone involved. If you are seeking a divorce attorney in Commack, Simonetti & Associates is here to help you.


Signs of a Toxic Marriage

All marriages have their ups and downs, but toxic marriages have much more negative moments than positive ones. In a toxic marriage, dysfunction and disorder is the status quo. Any form of violence and abuse is a serious sign of a toxic marriage and requires outside intervention immediately and in almost all cases the partners need to be separated. That being said, toxic marriages involve more than physical violence and have more subtle signs. If you are looking to leave a toxic marriage, and need a divorce attorney in Commack, reach out to Simonetti & Associates. Listed below are a few signs of a toxic marriage.


  • There is constant unhappiness – If your marriage brings out emotions of anger, anxiety, sadness, or causes you to feel self-doubt then there is a red flag in your marriage. A healthy marriage should foster feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and support.
  • You feel like you are being controlled A controlling relationship is not just your partner telling you what to do. If you find yourself being alienated from friends and family and feel like you have no time to yourself because you must attend to your partner, you are in a controlling relationship.
  • You feel like you can’t disagree with your partner If a simple disagreement with your partner tends to get blown up into a big fight, often due to poor temperament of your partner, then you may feel as though you can not disagree with your partner. This is often referred to as “controlling by intimidation”, and is another big red flag. Disagreements between two people are normal, and there are healthy ways of dealing with them.
  • Your partner and you are always arguing If you can’t seem to do or say anything right, or your partner just finds arguments in everything you do or say, you are experiencing toxic behaviors. If you feel as though you and your partner have fallen into this type of pattern and cannot get out, know a divorce attorney in Commack can help. 
  • You fantasize about leaving your marriage You may be considering leaving your house and living away from your partner, or just being alone instead of where you are in life. If the idea of life without your partner brings you relief and happiness, something is awry in your marriage. 


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If you find yourself dealing with any of the issues above, or have general unhappiness and regret in your marriage, you are in a toxic marriage. Staying in such a marriage is draining and demanding, and will negatively affect all other aspects of your life. If you are in a toxic marriage seek professional help now. If you require a divorce attorney in Commack, contact us today.


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