Great Neck Divorce Attorney

For all parties involved, divorce can be a very difficult experience. With all the emotional stress it can put on Great Neck families, as well as legal hoops that must be jumped through, divorce is more often than not a very uneasy time for many. As far as the legal ramifications of a divorce, requirements to go through with the divorce can vary greatly.  While some divorces are mutually agreed upon with very little conflict between the couple, others may require serious legal intervention and mediation. This is to ensure both individuals can be as content as possible with the outcome of the situation. Whatever the case may be, Simonetti and Associates can help divorcees handle the legal aspects of a divorce.

Even for the most mutually agreed upon divorces, services from a divorce attorney can still help make the legal process quicker and easier. For no-contest divorces, a Great Neck attorney can help establish a more official agreement between the two divorcees. This may include division of once shared assets, or establishment of a joint custody agreement. For higher tension divorces with a contester, an attorney can also help mediate the legal battled associated with divorce contesting. If the contests go to trial, it is in the divorcee’s best interest to have an experienced attorney representing them. Additionally, attorney will be able to figure out if the reason for divorce is legally considered grounds for divorce. As laws vary between states, it is important to have an attorney that knows the law.

Simonetti & Associates handle all types of divorce and family cases in and around Great Neck, New York. As al divorce cases are different, Simonetti & Associates will look at each case individually, and take the best actions possible for the given situation. Divorce is difficult for everyone, and Simonetti is here to make it easier.   


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