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Divorce Lawyer near Smithtown NY

My Spouse Is Hiding Assets During Our Divorce

When going through the process of divorce, both parties must disclose all of their financial assets. Although the courts may trust both parties, oftentimes spouses don’t trust each other to cough up all their financial assets. Keeping an asset a secret or giving it to someone until the divorce is ...
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Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

How will your judge evaluate what is in the best interests of your child?

When you are dealing with a divorce trial one of your biggest concerns will be the welfare of your children. You will have to worry about the situations that your child may end up having to travel back and forth between homes or rarely seeing one of their parents. This can be a very difficult [&hell...
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Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County

Will Going Through a Divorce Affect My Career?

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful endeavors a person can go through in there life. With all the legal, personal, and financial litigation’s that need to be dealt with. the stress that you experience can be a task to handle all on its own. Worrying about if your finances are ...
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