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Mother and two kids

Divorce As A Stay-At-Home Mom – High Asset Divorce Long Island

Divorced as a Stay-At-Home Mom Divorce can be an especially stressful time as a stay-at-home mom who has dedicated the past few years to raising kids and taking care of the family. By taking time away from their working life, they may be at a disadvantage. This is because it could be hard going back...
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NY State Divorce, Pertinent Information – Divorce Lawyer in Glen Cove

NY State Divorce – Pertinent Information When going through a divorce, there are many precise laws and important facts to be aware of before you dive into the action. Divorce laws vary from state to state, and it is imperative that you’re fully aware of what a divorce in the state of New Yor...
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divorce lawyer in Carle Place

Easing Tension

Divorce Lawyer in Carle Place Understandably, the overwhelming majority of divorced individuals tend to experience a good deal of tension. Divorce can build up over time or even occur spontaneously.  Naturally, emotions can fluctuate, perhaps leading to the wrong thing being said/communicated. Expe...
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divorce lawyer in South Hempstead

Divorced Parents Around The Holidays

Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead Although it may sound harsh, divorces around the holiday season are indeed a potential occurrence. Even afterward, this season will be different year after year for your ex-spouse and your children. Combined with the holiday season (and your children if applicable) ...
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Virtual Visitation – Divorce Lawyer in Carle Place

Divorce Lawyer in Carle Place Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when kids are involved.  For the non-custodial parent, seeing your kids after a divorce can be difficult, especially if your ex-spouse and child have relocated. Luckily, we live in a digital age where virtual visitation...
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Protecting Your Privacy During A Divorce

Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead There’s little doubt that divorce can be a messy situation, with both people involved bringing their private info into the light. Particularly in this day and age, technology has made protecting our personal info even more problematic. Most of us today can access ...
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divorce lawyer in Massapequa

The Benefits Of A Free Consultation

Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa Commonly, those who are seeking the assistance of a divorce attorney will often have several different questions that need to be answered. Fortunately, your local divorce lawyer in Massapequa over at Simonetti & Associates can provide you with a free consultation. Co...
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Hicksville divorce lawyer

How To Maintain A Friendship After A Divorce

Hicksville Divorce Lawyer While couples may ultimately select divorce as the best option for them moving forward, sometimes the decision about whether to maintain a friendship is not fully addressed. Divorce is an exceptionally vulnerable time for both parties, and it is therefore critical to approa...
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divorce lawyer on Long Island

Same-Sex Marriage in New York

Divorce Lawyer on Long Island Same-Sex Marriage A subject that has become a major topic of discussion in this day and age is the idea of people of the same sex making the choice to get married. Same-sex marriage was legalized in the state of New York by Governor Andrew Cuomo way back on July [&helli...
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divorce lawyer in Huntington

Reviewing Your Case

Divorce Lawyer in Huntington If you’re considering divorce, have you fully thought about the potential circumstances and consequences? Divorce may seem like the easy way out — of a relationship — but have you thought everything through? At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer...
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