Divorce In The Digital Age

How Can Our Divorce Lawyer in Southampton Help You?

While the digital age has brought about many advancements in everyday life, complications have also followed it. Trying to get a divorce is this age is the perfect example of this. At Simonetti & Associates, we know how difficult a process this can be. Fortunately, our divorce lawyer in Southampton is here to help. We want to tell you how to navigate these waters so you can avoid complications.

Keep Emotion Off Of Social Media

Social media may be one of the biggest things to come out of the digital age. These platforms allow us to remain connected to each other, unlike ever before. While having a sense of connection during a divorce is a meaningful way to cope, it’s essential not to let your emotions get the best of you. Our divorce lawyer warns against spewing negative messages about your spouse on social media. Anything you post can be used against you in divorce hearings, potentially costing you financially or damaging your chances of receiving a favorable custody/visitation ruling.  

Sign Out Of Joint Accounts

Our divorce lawyer in Southampton will warn you to sign out of any joint accounts you have with your spouse. Whether they be social media or financial accounts, you should no longer be sharing them now that you’ve decided to go through a divorce. Not only will this help with the healing process, but it can also keep you legally protected.

Additional Tips

As previously stated, the increase in our lives’ digital aspects has undoubtedly brought complications with it that previous generations could never have imagined. It can be tough to live in this landscape under the best of circumstances. Throwing in a divorce only makes matters worse. However, our divorce lawyer in Southampton is here to help. Below are some additional tips needed for getting through a divorce in the digital age:

  • Change any passwords your spouse previously had access to.
  • Don’t have your friends try to cyber-stalk your ex.
  • Take screenshots of any negative posts your ex made of you (if applicable).
  • Avoid being tagged in inappropriate photos.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyer in Southampton

Don’t ever feel like you need to go through a divorce alone. At Simonetti & Associates, our team will be there for you from the initial decision to get a divorce to the list ruling the court makes. Be sure to contact our divorce lawyer in Southampton today, so you don’t find yourself falling into the common pitfalls getting a divorce in the digital age can bring. 

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