What are my rights as a father?

In New York State, family law is intended to be equal to both mothers and fathers. However, more often than not, the courts tend to favor the mothers when it comes to child support and custody. The law states that whether or not you are married to the mother of the child has no impact on your rights as a father. Courts often favor fathers who were at some point married to the mother when determining parental rights. Our divorce attorney in Nassau County is decided to make sure that there is equal representation when determining parental rights.

What are my rights?

Rights of the father depend largely on parental responsibility, which is not automatically a privilege. Parental responsibility is granted if the parents were married, or if the father’s name is present on the birth certificate. Having parental responsibility allows the father to have significantly more rights in regards to the child. Which enables the father to take part in important decisions regarding the child’s life such as:

  • Medical treatment
  • What religion they follow
  • Where they attend school

As an involved parent, you have the right to the opportunity to raise them. Even if you do not have primary custodial rights, you have the right to visit your child regularly. Seeking out a  divorce attorney in Nassau County can only benefit your situation, by guiding you in the right direction during these tough times.

What to consider when establishing custody rights:

It’s important to take note, that if you cooperate with your ex, there is a good chance you can work out some parenting agreement. But, if you and your partner cannot decide on your own, then a judge will have to order a custody evaluation. An involved parent will likely be granted the custody and visitation rights they deserve. When making this decision though, you’ll most likely be evaluated on the following:

  • Your physical and emotional health
  • Stability
  • The bond you and your child have
  • Being able to meet your child’s needs (physically and emotionally)
  • How involved you are in your child’s life.

Many fathers are unaware of exactly what rights they have. At Simonetti & Associates, a divorce attorney in Nassau County can assist you throughout this process. Their experienced staff will work towards getting you the rights that you are entitled to as a parent.

Since 1990, Simonetti & Associates has advocated for equal rights for parents all across Long Island. So what are you waiting for?  Contact a divorce attorney in Nassau County to set up a free consultation and get the rights that you deserve.