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What are my rights as a father?

In New York State, family law is intended to be equal to both mothers and fathers. However, more often than not, the courts tend to favor the mothers when it comes to child support and custody. The law states that whether or not you are married to the mother of the child has no impact […]...
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Financial Tips To Follow Before Finalizing Your Divorce – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Financial Issues and Divorce Divorce is never something a newlywed couple wants to plan for, but it is something that couples need to think about. Around 40-50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce so it is imperative that you have a plan if your marriage ends in divorce. Consult with a ...
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How to parent together post-divorce – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Navigating divorce can be very difficult, especially when there are children involved. Studies have shown that successful co-parenting can provide an immense amount of benefits for those involved. Some of those benefits include increased emotional and relational stability, improved problem-solving s...
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Best Divorce Lawyer On Long Island For 2018 – Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

Divorce can be a tough time in anyone’s life, but having a great lawyer can make the process much easier knowing that you are in good hands. When choosing which divorce lawyer to select, it only makes sense to pick the best. Simonetti & Associates has been voted best divorce lawyer on Long Isl...
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The challenges a same-sex couple may have regarding adoption – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Are you and your spouse a same-sex couple looking to adopt a child? If so, Simonetti & Associates are there to help. As the best adoption lawyers on Long Island, we can help you with any questions regarding adoption that you might have. Adoption can be a long process, and adopting as a same-sex ...
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Get Help from the Best Divorce Lawyer on Long Island – Postnups in NY – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

“The idea of a possible divorce can be scary for anyone, but for those of us here at Simonetti and Associates, our priority is to ensure our clients receive the best.”   Getting a Postnuptial Agreement in NY   The thought of talking to your recently married spouse about a postnupti...
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Top Reasons for Divorce – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

Humans and relationships are deeply complex and because of this, there are an extensive number of reasons for divorcing. Divorce can be a difficult process and there are simply too many variables contributing to divorce to measure. Simonetti & Associates Law Firm can provide you with a divorce l...
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