How Should Domestic Abuse Victims Handle Divorce?

Domestic abuse in a marriage typically occurs behind closed doors. If you have experienced continued emotional or physical abuse from your partner, do not remain silent any longer. It’s time for you to experience a sense of calmness and security; it’s time for a divorce. If you are a domestic abuse victim seeking a divorce, you will need a divorce lawyer in Huntington by your side, every step of the way. A lawyer can help protect your rights as well as help you feel safe in your life even after the divorce has been settled.

How to Begin Handling Your Divorce

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you need to find the courage within yourself to advocate for your own rights and happiness. The first thing to ask yourself is if you feel physically safe in the environment in which you live. If you live with your spouse and feel threatened by potential violence from your spouse, you must seek safety before anything else. You may wish to call the police. It is only after you feel safe that you should look into legal matters.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Once you are in a safe environment, you can search for a divorce lawyer in Huntington. A lawyer who specializes in divorce can help you battle legal matters and gain freedom in your life. A lawyer can help you deal with legal matters such as:

  • Child Custody-It is likely that if someone is abusing their partner, they will potentially abuse their child sometime in their life. A lawyer can make sure both you and your child/children are protected from the abuser.
  • Division of Marital Property– In some cases, the behavior of the abuser can impact the outcome of how the property is divided, giving the victim the larger share.
  • Order of Protection– A lawyer can help you file for an order of protection against your abuser. It will state that your abuser cannot have contact with you. Having an order of protection can help you feel safe during and after the divorce process.

Seek Assistance:

Do not feel trapped in an unhealthy, abusive marriage. Muster up the courage to find a divorce lawyer in Huntington to support you through the legal process of ending your unhappiness and worry. The court system can be an effective way to end your marriage and feel backed through the process. Find the strength to save yourself from domestic violence and live the life you want.

It’s time to take action. If you or someone you know is caught up in a abusive relationship, know there is a divorce lawyer in Huntington that can help. Contact Simonetti & Associates today!