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Do I Have To Support My Partner After A Divorce?

Following your divorce, it’s not uncommon for people to want absolutely nothing to do with their former spouses. After the marriage failed to the point where divorce is necessary, this desire makes complete sense. However, sometimes the break cannot be so clean. At Simonetti & Associates, we specialize in helping clients through their divorces. Our divorce lawyer in East Hampton will let you know if you will have to support your spouse after a divorce and work diligently to have you receive manageable payment options if this is the case.  

What Is Spousal Support?

In New York State, spousal support (or alimony) is monetary payments from one former spouse to the other pursuant to a Court Order or written agreement between the parties. The purpose of such payments is to facilitate the other spouse’s financial independence. Our divorce lawyer in East Hampton will review the different kinds of support arrangements and a list of factors determinative of a support order. This is why you should always have top-tier representation when going through a divorce.

Types Of Spousal Support Payments 

The court’s decision on what type of spousal support payments you’ll potentially need to make involves several different factors. However, all it means is that your ex-spouse will be receiving money from you. Examples of the common types of spousal support include:

  • Rehabilitative alimony.
  • Lump-sum alimony.
  • Permanent alimony.
  • Temporary alimony.

What Goes Into Deciding Spousal Support?

As previously stated, numerous factors go into the court’s decision for awarding spousal support. Knowing what they are will help you better prepare for this potential reality. Although our divorce lawyer in East Hampton will do all they can to help oppose this, the decision is ultimately left in the hands of the court if an agreement between you and your spouse cannot be reached. Factors that are taken into consideration include:

  • Length of the marriage.
  • The earning capacity of each spouse.
  • Physical and mental health of the potential recipient.
  • Contributions made to the household or career.

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At Simonetti & Associates, our primary goal is to help clients receive a favorable outcome in divorce related matters. Spousal support is often a hotly-contested issue, understood by our divorce lawyer in East Hampton. To give yourself the best chance at receiving a favorable outcome for this matter, be sure to contact our team today.

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