How to Divide Marital Assets

How Can Our Divorce Attorney in Nassau County Help You?

In a marriage, some things like ‘who owns what’ may be trivial and overlooked. However, in the unfortunate event of divorce, details such as this become very important. Our Divorce attorney in Nassau County at Simonetti & Associates is here to help you through every step of the way through your divorce. 

Separate Vs. Community Property

Before claiming what is yours and what is not, it is important to be aware of how the legal system may categorize your assets. This is done by deciding what is separate property and community property. Our Divorce attorney in Nassau County is well versed in this area and can help you today.

Simply put, separate property is what you and your spouse own individually. Things that were never shared, may have been owned before marriage, or things that were inherited or received as a gift during marriage. 

Community property, also known as marital property, is property that was earned, obtained, or acquired during the marriage. This includes items such as income, retirement earnings, physical property, or items put into a joint account. 

What are Marital Assets?

When going through a divorce, it is important to know what marital assets are before deciding who gets what. Marital assets refer to property that is acquired throughout the marriage. A few examples of these assets include but are not limited to the following: 

  • House 
  • Cash 
  • Stocks 
  • Bonds 
  • Cars 
  • Pensions 
  • Insurance 

Keep in Mind

Here is some advice to take into consideration from our divorce attorney in Nassau County at Simonetti & Associates that can help to keep the process smooth and pain-free: 

  • Keep it civil 
  • Keep things in perspective 
  • Be fair, open, and honest with your partner as well as your attorney.

It is also a good idea to try to divide your joint items beforehand. Some steps that may help you get started are the following: 

  • List your belongings 
  • Value the property 
  • Decide on the logical owner 

Be aware that your attorney is there to help you. If you come to a fair agreement, the attorney will normally approve, thus making it easier on you both. 

Simonetti & Associates – Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

Simonetti & Associates, a divorce attorney in Nassau County, has trustworthy attorneys with plenty of experience and flexible hours to help you through this difficult time as well as make it easier for you. You can click here for a free consultation, or here to contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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