“I lost my job” Can I get a reduction on my child support?

How Our Suffolk Divorce Lawyer Will Help You

While it is an unfortunate reality, anyone can be subject to sudden unemployment at any time.  Although some may bounce back from a situation like this right away, others can be put under extreme hardships as a result.  If you’re required to pay child support but have recently lost your job, consider reaching out to our team at Simonetti & Associates.  Our Suffolk divorce lawyer can help you reduce your child support payments to ease your current financial stress.

Find Out If You’re Eligible For Benefits

Losing a consistent source of income can be stressful for anyone, especially those who are required to pay child support.  If this happens to you, the first move you should make is filing for unemployment benefits.  At the initial time of filing, you should let the unemployment office know that you are required to make child support payments. Should you be eligible for benefits, required payments can be deducted right from your unemployment wages, allowing you to meet your obligations.

If You’re Not Eligible 

Those who are not eligible for benefits should contact our Suffolk divorce lawyer right away.  Under normal circumstances, you’ll always be legally required to make child support payments.  Failing to do so can lead to severe punishments, which can include jail time.  However, if you’re ineligible for unemployment benefits, our team can help.  We’ll work diligently with the family court to put a pause on payments until you’re once again employed.  When this happens, expect a slight rise in your payments to make up for the period of unemployment.

Can My Payments Be Reduced?

Even if you’re eligible for unemployment benefits, meeting the previously determined child support payments may not be financially feasible, as you could be taking in substantially less income.  Those who can not meet their payments can benefit from our team’s services.  Our Suffolk divorce lawyer can help you work with the courts to adjust your payments for the immediate future.  Allowing our attorney to represent you will help to ensure a fair payment amount for your current situation is reached.

Simonetti & Associates- A Suffolk Divorce Lawyer

At Simonetti & Associates, we’ve been representing the Long Island community for over 30 years.  In unprecedented times such as these, having top-quality representation is a must.  If you’ve recently lost your job and are worried about child support payments, contact our team today.  Our Suffolk divorce lawyer will help you avoid any legal issues with making payments and keep you financially protected.

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