How to Help Your Child Cope with Divorce

Being that Lou Simonetti is one of the top Long Island divorce lawyers, we understand your situation. We also know that your child might not understand your divorce and it can take a toll on children. If you are looking for a Suffolk divorce lawyer who can not only help you with your case but help your family cope from the troubles of your divorce, reach out to us at Simonetti & Associates and see how we can help. Below we listed a few guidelines that can help your children cope with divorce:

  1. Be honest with your kids without playing the blame game. Kids have the right to know what is causing this sudden change in their lives. However, they also have a right to hear both sides of the divorce. They most likely love both parents and do not want to be forced to pick aside.
  2. Encourage your kids to express their feelings with reassurance and love. It is very common for children to feel as though they are the reason for the divorce. They need to be told that they are loved and it is not because of them. They also need to know that they can express their feelings about the divorce. This is extremely important because the divorce may be between you and your spouse, but it is a major change in your child’s life. For a Suffolk divorce lawyer who can help you with your divorce, reach out to us at Simonetti & Associates and see how we can help your family.
  3. Work with your spouse to have a routine. Cooperating, especially in front of your children, is also extremely important. Routines allow for your child to have some stability since this is likely to be a shaky period of time in their lives.
  4. Keep an eye out for signs of your child being disturbed by this. Some of these signs include sleeping problems, concentration issues, cutting, eating habit changes, no interest in once enjoyed activities, withdrawing from friends and family, and outbursts of violence or anger.

If you would like to be represented by a Suffolk Divorce Lawyer, call us today to schedule a meeting with Lou Simonetti. We also work with same-sex divorce in Nassau County.

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