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Is Your Partner Emotionally Unavailable

Although it is an unfortunate reality, many marriages begin with one or both partners wearing rose-colored glasses. It isn’t until the reality of marriage sets in that the red flags become clear. At Simonetti & Associates, we’re there for our clients when this happens to them. If you believe your partner is emotionally unavailable, our divorce attorney in Amagansett will help.

Signs To Watch For

Emotional unavailability in a relationship can cause mass amounts of turmoil. That is why it is so essential to catch the signs of it early. Doing so will allow you to either work on it with your partner or get the divorce process started with our divorce attorney in Amagansett. Some of the most common signs that point to this include:
  • Your partner is inflexible and loathes compromise.
  • Your feelings are always invalidated.
  • Necessary conflict is continuously avoided.
  • They are always defensive.
  • Issues are only addressed at a surface level.  

How This Can Affect A Marriage

If you notice any of the previously mentioned signs and wish to keep your marriage intact, our divorce attorney in Amagansett warns that swift action needs to be taken. Failing to do so can break the marriage to an irreparable point. Examples of what can happen when you leave emotionally unavailability unaddressed for too long include:
  • Frequently being blamed for everything.
  • Urge to abuse substances. 
  • Deterioration of mental health.
  • Potential for abusive interactions.
  • Being cheated on or having the urge to cheat.    

How We Can Help

When your partner is emotionally unavailable, and it has led to you wanting a divorce, you’ll need to work with a team of experts to help the process run smoothly. Here at Simonetti & Associates, we are well versed in this area. Our divorce attorney in Amagansett will help in a variety of ways, including the below:
  • Showing the marriage is broken beyond repair.
  • Proving abuse took place in applicable cases.
  • Dividing marital assets and debt.
  • Providing emotional support when necessary.

Schedule A Consultation

Don’t let an emotionally unavailable partner ruin your life. At Simonetti & Associates, we’ll help our clients navigate out of this challenging situation. To schedule your free consultation with our divorce attorney in Amagansett, contact us today.
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