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How Job Loss Can Affect Your Marriage


To prevent the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, the state of New York announced a “pause” in which 100 percent of non-essential business employees must remain at home and self-isolate. As a result, this has caused many companies to cut hours or lay off some of its employees. This unexpected situation can cause a lot of stress and rifts in marriages especially with no end in sight for the unforeseeable future. If you are having trouble in your marriage due to job loss, consider contacting us at Simonetti & Associates. Our Nassau divorce lawyer can assist you. 

How to Deal with Job Loss

Whether you were let go, laid off, terminated, or just flat our fired, not only do you lose a paycheck but a lot of other things as well. The financial strain, embarrassment, anger, and lowered self-esteem can strain even the most solid marriages. After losing your job, your money may become tight and routines changed, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation for you and your spouse.

When you lose your job, the following challenges can happen such as: 

  • Forced relocation 
  • Delay retirement
  • The other spouse picking up extra hours to make up for lost income
  • Power shift in the marriage
  • Being together around the clock 
  • Depression
  • Loss or lack of interest in sex
  • Small issues like who cooks dinner becoming a catalyst for arguments.

However, it is important to recognize that your marriage can help you during unemployment. With proper communication and patience, tackling this life-changing crisis together can strengthen your marriage. Here are a few tips you can follow if you or your spouse have been unemployed   

  • Set a few uninterrupted hours for conversations. 
  • Listen and take turns talking. 
  • Set common goals and find solutions together to achieve them. 
  • Come up with a budget and plan accordingly, you may be unemployed for 6 months. 
  • Check-in with each other and thank each other for any sacrifices made. 
  • Develop a job-search strategy and talk about how, where, and how much time a spouse will spend each day searching.
  • Count your blessings and recognize that your current situation is only temporary.

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If unemployment has caused a rift in your marriage and you are considering a divorce, contact us today at Simonetti & Associates. Our Nassau divorce lawyer can assist you.

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