Same-Sex Divorce in Your 30s

Divorce is a long, complicated, and draining process, putting an end to something that was such a big part of your life can be extremely difficult. Same-sex divorce puts a tremendous amount of stress on those going through it and the people around them. It is important to look carefully at all your options when going into this as divorce can be a complicated process, especially when dealing with same-sex couples. You will want to find the right Long Island divorce lawyer who will work best with you. 

Same-Sex Divorce

Since nationwide same-sex marriage is still fairly new many factors can play into a same-sex divorce that requires extra consideration. Many couples may have been together for many years longer before they were married which can become complicated when dealing with issues such as property division as courts will often look at things done within the timeframe of the marriage. This could mean losing out on items purchased before the marriage as the courts will see them as separate property. 

Other issues that can occur in same-sex divorce is custody of children, especially if the child was with their parents before they were legally married. Custody battles can be a large strain on the parents and their children which is why getting an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer is necessary since they can help with facilitating discussion to create a co-parenting plan and avoid a drawn-out custody battle. 

Tips for Same-Sex Divorce

For most same-sex couples in their thirties this is their first marriage and thus their first experience with divorce. Since it’s probably your first time, we’ll provide you with a few tips for same-sex divorce:

  • Don’t act on emotion– it is important to sit down, breathe, and think about the best way to proceed. Making rash decisions can greatly impact your future. 
  • Don’t do it alone– same-sex divorce is extremely complex, an experienced same-sex divorce lawyer has already helped hundreds of others move forward in the best manner possible. 
  • Stay positive– you are the only one in control of your future. It’s important to keep your composure and understand you are only in your thirties and things will go up from here.

Long Island Divorce Lawyer – Simonetti & Associates

The attorneys at Simonetti & Associates are here to help you through this difficult process. Simonetti & Associates have been voted the Best Long Island Divorce Lawyer. If you are in your thirties and going through a same-sex divorce, be sure to call us. We take pride in making this situation as simple as possible for our clients. Give us a call today or click the link to schedule your free consultation.

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