Things to Consider Before Proposing

The decision to get married can bring about much joy in your life. However, our Southampton divorce lawyer warns it is essential not to rush into things. Before dropping down to one knee and proposing, you should consider a few things to keep yourself protected. At Simonetti & Associates, we’d like to help. Our team can prepare you before the proposal, so your marriage can be nothing but smooth sailing.

Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

When a couple gets married, most of your assets become jointly owned. If you end up getting a divorce, this can put you in a tricky situation. The division of these assets is one of the things that can make divorce such a drawn-out and draining process. Fortunately, a prenuptial agreement can take care of this. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is signed before marriage. By having our Southampton divorce lawyer draw one up for you before you propose, you’ll be able to reap the below benefits:

  • Being able to pass property to children from previous marriages.
  • Clarifying the financial rights of both parties.
  • Get protection from debts your future spouse will bring into the marriage.    

Last Name Changes

Another thing to consider before popping the big question is thinking about if you or your future spouse will need to change their last name. While some people tend to overlook this, either partner deciding to change their name involves a legal process. You both can add a hyphen and combine both last names, or one can completely change it. Our Southampton divorce lawyer recommends discussing what options are on the table with your partner before proposing instead of leaving it as a last-second decision.    

Additional Things To Consider

The goal of our Southampton divorce lawyer is to keep you legally protected. Even if you don’t realize this, there are legal things to consider before a proposal. In addition to what was already called out, we also recommend considering the below:

  • If you propose on a birthday or holiday, the ring may be viewed as a gift, meaning you’ll have no legal claim to it if you break up.
  • Whether you want to keep specific finances separated.
  • If one of you owns a business.
  • If one partner is entitled to a large sum of inheritance.

Contact Our Southampton Divorce Lawyer

Before your proposal, make sure to take the time to consider the potential legal ramifications of this. To learn more about this and to stay protected, be sure to contact our Southampton divorce lawyer at Simonetti & Associates today.

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