Adoption Attorney near Garden City

Adoption in Garden City

The process of adoption can be a long and grueling one, however, it is always worth the outcome. Adopting is supposed to be a joyous event for all involved, and the fact that the process can be such a headache is a shame. There are many steps that are involved in adoption and Simonetti and Associates of Long Island can help you achieve your dreams by helping to complete your family.

Simonetti and Associates is conveniently located near Garden City, New York. In addition to traditional adoption, they  can also help stepparents formalize their relationship with a spouse’s’ children in order to build greater unity. In regards to a traditional adoption, Simonetti & Associates can help to finalize agency or private adoptions. An agency adoption is when an agency performs the task of finding a birth mother who wants to put their child up for adoption, finding a compatible adoptive family, and terminating the birth mother and father’s parental rights and giving it to the adoptive parents. Agency adoption is helpful because it comes with more parental training and counseling than private adoption, however, it normally takes longer than a private adoption would. This is because private adoption also has fewer requirements for the potential adoptive parents as well as  allows for greater multitasking. If you are looking for a more expedited adoption, going the route of private adoption, with the help of Simonetti and Associates, is right for you.

If you live in the Garden City area, Simonett & Associates can help you throughout the adoption process. Whether you choose to do private or agency adoption, having a skilled family attorney will not only help expedite the process but will help provide you with the necessary safeguards so that you come out of the process unscathed.