BigLaw vs. Litigation Boutiques

The number of litigation boutiques has increased in the past few years, changing the landscape of the field and allowing lawyers the same opportunities as BigLaw to represent top-tier clients in both small and high-profile cases. Attorneys who make the switch from BigLaw to litigation boutiques bring with them their experience while granting them the autonomy desired amongst professionals in the field.

A majority of attorneys making the switch from BigLaw to smaller litigation boutiques often leave because either they are forced out of their firm or they desire to escape the problems persistent in many BigLaw firms. Autonomy is desired in any profession, as research has shown it increases both happiness and work performance, yet BigLaw attorneys are increasingly becoming disenchanted with their firms as well as the profession itself due to being at the mercy of demanding hours and unpredictable schedules.

Litigation boutiques can only be as successful as the partners who populate them, and with many attorneys leaving BigLaw to begin their own firms, they are bringing with them the experience as well as the motivation necessary to succeed in a boutique environment. Like anyone in charge of or working for a small business, the attorneys at litigation boutiques have to be poised to handle the added pressure the autonomy has granted them.

Of course, with added autonomy comes added responsibility, and an attorney working at a litigation boutique must accept the consequences of their actions, whether it be positive or negative. For a client seeking an attorney, though, a litigation boutique gives them BigLaw expertise along with the care and personalization necessary to be best represented. An attorney at a litigation boutique is working for their clients before their firms, and the recent rise in high-profile cases represented by litigation boutiques is proof of their success.

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